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Family health center: a new format polyclinic opened in Yekaterinburg

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Family health center: a new format polyclinic opened in Yekaterinburg

A new three-story department of the largest private clinic in the Urals opened its doors today, May 30. The family center "UMMC-Health" will simultaneously receive children and adults. The staff of the medical institution includes qualified doctors working in a family format: therapists, pediatricians, neurologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, urologists, surgeons, ENT doctors, ophthalmologists.

As noted at the opening ceremony of the center, the first deputy governor of Sverdlovsk Aleksey Orlov, the appearance of another clinic in the region would not have been possible without the consistent position of the UMMC and personally Andrei Anatolyevich Kozitsyn. “I would like to express my gratitude for this gorgeous gift to the residents of our city and region. This is not only 123 new high-tech jobs, but also an opportunity for 145,000 residents to receive the much needed help, ”he said.

We manage to maintain a high level of service at the UMMC-Health clinic thanks to high-tech equipment and, most importantly, people - our specialists. It is important for each patient how they are treated in a medical institution. Therefore, everyone who comes to our clinic, we have met and will continue to meet as family, "- stressed the general director of UMMC Andrey Kozitsyn.

The new building has a diagnostic unit: an ultrasound department with expert class devices, as well as endoscopic department equipped with the latest equipment for gastro- and colonoscopy.

The family department has offices for orthopedics, traumatologists and osteopaths for patients of all ages. It will have its own allergy center, a vaccination room for the whole family and a cognitive rehabilitation room. It includes, among other things, a new unique technology - sensory integration. It is designed to correct violations of children, which are usually attributed to whims, for example, if the child does not like sculpting or drawing, closes his ears in a noisy place, is afraid to ride a bike. All of these can be signs of disorders that lead to problems of behavior, attention and social interaction. Now there is an opportunity to fight this at an early stage.

“Today we are opening a clinic of a new format in our city - this is a family clinic. The concept of "family doctor" is returning, when you can go to one person with all your problems. If the whole family is sick, but goes to different hospitals - to an adult clinic, to a nursery, this is probably not very correct. What UMMC-Zdorovye is doing is another step towards the development of family medicine in Yekaterinburg, "said the mayor of the city Alexander Vysokinsky.

Mikhail Sklyar, general director of the UMMC-Zdorovye clinic, thanked the patients of the clinic for trust and noted the important role of builders in the successful implementation of the project: “What was in the building a year ago is scary to remember. Now it is a modern fully equipped clinic. We are located in the very center of the city, but inside you cannot even hear the hum of cars. ”

The clinic is located at the intersection of Malyshev and Lunacharsky streets. Its interior was designed to be as comfortable as possible for both adults and young patients. The bright halls and reception rooms on the second "children's" floor are more like playrooms. The bright rooms of the "adult" floor are decorated in a Scandinavian style with cozy waiting areas. The building also opened a healthy food cafe.

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