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Reception of scrap iron in Moscow

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Reception of scrap iron in Moscow

In any garage there is a couple of kilograms of scrap metal. Do not rush to take out unnecessary metal trash in the trash. There is an opportunity to make good money, while freeing up space from trash. The service of receiving cast iron for scrap is available to everyone who owns a certain amount of scrap metal. Its services are offered by the expert collection point for cast iron scrap in Moscow. You can get acquainted with the peculiarities of the delivery of cast iron on the company's website https://priyom- metalloloma.ru/priem-loma-chuguna.h .

Features of delivery of scrap pig iron in Moscow

The purchase of ferrous metal has always been a demanded service. Not only large enterprises own batches of metal that has served its life. Individuals can also use the company's services to scrap pig iron in Moscow. Machine tools, car parts, stove accessories, heating radiators, etc. are used.

The entire delivery process can be divided into several stages:

  • Registration of an application on the Expert website.
  • Visit of a specialist for a preliminary assessment of cast iron scrap and its cost.
  • Carrying out dismantling of metal structures, sorting and weighing.
  • Payment for a batch of cast iron scrap. An essential feature of cooperation with the company is the purchase of pig iron at high prices. Therefore, turning here, you can count on a profitable deal.

Scrap metal reception prices

Scrap grade plays an important role in price formation. Depending on this, the price per ton may vary. It is possible to hand over cast iron, overall and oversized, grades 20A, 22A, etc. Also available for delivery are cast iron shavings with 2% clogging.

Cast iron products are accepted for recycling on mutually beneficial terms. It is very problematic to take out a large batch of scrap on your own. This causes a lot of difficulties with the search for vehicles and loaders for loading and unloading operations. If the batch of scrap is insignificant in weight, a Gazelle with a carrying capacity of up to 5 tons can be sent to the facility. In the presence of large consignments, special lengths are supplied, capable of carrying up to 20 tons of cargo at a time.

For information on the terms of delivery of not only cast iron, but also other types of scrap, you can refer to the site of the company Priemmetalloloma-Expert.

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