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MMK develops digital solutions in the field of metal trading

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In this regard, we should first of all mention the MMK Client mobile application, the main purpose of which is to inform clients online about the execution of the MMK product supply agreement. The client has the opportunity at any time to obtain information on placed and shipped orders, up-to-date data on the balances of mutual settlements, to find out where the order is using the data of the scheduling system, to receive information on shipment in the context of certificates and wagons sent, as well as issued invoices. invoices and payment schedules, send claims and track their status. In addition, for MMK customers using this application, you can view scanned copies of quality certificates, railway receipts and invoices, as well as access to the PJSC MMK's catalog of metal products. As Sergey Ushakov, Deputy General Director of PJSC MMK for Sales, noted, “MMK is a customer-oriented company, therefore we are digitalizing in the direction of improving the convenience of our customers. Thanks to this program, our customers online can see the progress of their order by redistribution. They clearly understand how to create their stocks, how to plan their flows. In turn, we can also regulate our reserves, which allows us to free up cash flow for operating activities. But the most important thing is that we have become closer to the client and were able to save his time. ”Another application designed to optimize the work with the mill's clients is“ Mobile Seller Assistant ”. The purpose of the application introduced in 2019 is to provide the seller with a tool for prompt decision-making during negotiations with the client, taking into account the marginality of the proposed transaction. The seller, negotiating with the counterparty about the volume of delivery and prices, has the opportunity to find all the parameters he needs right in his mobile phone. With all the information in hand, a sales employee of the plant will be able to make more informed decisions in terms of determining the price range and assessing production capabilities during negotiations with customers on the supply of PJSC MMK's products. The application provides interactive data management, with a high level of convenience and ease of use. It allows you to calculate the relative margin of the order - the evaluation of the order in comparison with the budget indicators and the customer orders already accepted at the plant based on the indicator “marginality per hour.” “Mobile seller assistant”, like other digital services on MMK, is constantly evolving. In August 2020, it introduced the reflection of additional indicators, in particular, the OTIF indicator (On-Time-In-Full, "on time and in full") for the counterparty, the seller's operational reporting, the state of mutual settlements for the counterparty. In September 2020, a reflection of the status of order fulfillment at the redistribution was introduced into commercial operation. The introduction and development of mobile applications is not the only direction for improving production and sales activities as part of the implementation of the strategic initiative of PJSC MMK “Sales. Right on time". The key element of this strategy was the development of the Automated System for Operational Scheduling (AS OKPP). Thanks to the implementation of AS OKPP, it became possible to calculate the date of shipment at the time of accepting orders with an accuracy that suits both sides of the process; formation of a schedule for the production and shipment of the order both for the client and for production personnel; creation of a client portal, where he can see all the information he is interested in, as well as track the progress of his order through the processing of the plant online. According to Pavel Shilyaev, General Director of PJSC MMK, MMK has made a lot of efforts to modernize production, expand its product line, and transform it qualitatively. However, today for the consumer, not only the quality of products and the variety of the offer are important, but also the delivery on time. Therefore, as Pavel Shilyaev noted, MMK can increase its competitiveness and customer focus only by introducing the best practices for planning the production process. Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK
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