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Severstal starts searching for innovations in construction

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has signed a partnership agreement with the Moscow Innovation Agency and the Moscow Innovation Cluster Foundation within the framework of the Moscow Accelerator. The project is aimed at the development and scaling of innovative business in Moscow.

Severstal will oversee the BuildTech track at the Moscow Accelerator. Partners and project participants will be able to exchange experiences, study and analyze approaches to the development and implementation of new product IT solutions in the field of construction and engineering.

Severstal has extensive expertise in the field of solutions for the construction industry. This direction of sales is among the key ones for the company. For 9 months of 2020, Severstal delivered about 3.7 million tons of products to the construction market of the Russian Federation, another 3.1 million tons - to the markets of the CIS, Europe and Southeast Asia.

“Our interaction with the construction industry is distinguished by building direct relations with developers, builders, general contractors and manufacturers of ready-made solutions. Focusing on the requests and interests of our clients, we boldly experiment. Recent examples are the development of new partner sales schemes, including in such products that are not included in the range of the basic line of metallurgical enterprises and are new to this market, such as shelving structures. In addition, we are ready to propose and develop options for optimizing design solutions that allow to increase the speed of construction through the use of steel and reduce the metal consumption of projects through the use of innovative materials, "commented Igor Ignashov, Severstal's Sales Director for Construction Companies.

Today The portfolio of ready-made products and solutions for building applications includes roofing and facade solutions (in the form of sandwich panels according to a tolling scheme), shelving and retail equipment, ready-made parking lots and shopping pavilions, projects of which, developed by Severstal experts, are more effective than traditional solutions. The metallurgical company has also gained significant experience and expertise in the design, production and supply of metal structures for industrial construction due to the production capabilities and competencies of Severstal Steel Solutions employees in Orel.

Participants of the accelerator will receive expert support and recommendations from Severstal specialists , as well as the opportunity to pilot their proposals, new and innovative solutions at the company's industrial sites.

“Construction is an important market segment for Severstal. We strive to provide builders with innovative and sustainable solutions and have extensive BuildTech expertise. When creating new products, it is necessary not only to exchange creative ideas, but also to collect the needs and desires of those for whom these products are intended. I am sure that the Moscow Accelerator will become a unique platform where our current and future clients, as well as startups, ready to offer something new, will meet. We are glad to cooperate and hope that all participants will get the maximum benefit from the opportunities that open up to us! " - commented Dmitry Gorbachev, director for development of the Severstal Business System.

“We have ambitious plans for the future. All new partners are joining the program, which means that the Moscow accelerator is in demand not only among young entrepreneurs, but also among corporations. BuildTech is a promising field of application of new technologies. And we are waiting for an interesting and productive track ahead of us ”, - commented Ksenia Borbacheva, Deputy General Director of the Moscow Innovation Agency.

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