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Mixes for dry salting of herring

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Mixes for dry salting of herring

At various food enterprises, special agents are used for salting and accelerating ripening. The TexPro company sells ingredients for the food industry. Along with a wide variety of preservatives, dyes, smoke flavorings, here you can purchase dry salted herring .

Peculiarities of purchasing mixtures for dry salting of herring

With the help of functional compositions based on various components, any amount of herring can be easily salted. The assortment of the company includes a large selection of mixtures that accelerate maturation and allow the production of dry salting.

Assortment of mixes for salting

Let's consider the assortment in more detail:

  • Hot fish . It is a special blend that not only increases the yield, but also adds juiciness to the final product. The result is fish products with a more compacted consistency.
  • Fish Forte . This special additive has found wide application in brine salting of fish. It perfectly thickens the muscle structure and also stabilizes the color in salmonids.
  • Fish Matyes. The unique composition of the additive promotes the rapid maturation of Atlantic fish fillets. The finished product has a delicate and juicy texture.
  • Fish Delicate . It is a mixture that significantly improves the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product. It can be used against not only herring, but also Far Eastern salmon and mackerel.
  • Fragrant herbs. This food additive accelerates the maturation of fish, increasing the finished product yield up to 120%.
  • Ultra fish . A functional mixture of this type has a balanced composition consisting of acids, salts, sugars. An excellent solution to speed up the curing process and also to whiten the muscle tissue of fish.

Thus, by contacting the TexPro specialists, you can purchase high-quality complex mixtures used for dry salting of herring. To get acquainted with the assortment, it is enough to study the catalog offers. This will allow you to quickly place an order. To clarify the details of cooperation, you can refer to the company's website.

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