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Production of packaging products

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Production of packaging products

Packaging containers surround us everywhere. It is an essential component of any product. In modern society, packaging has long ceased to be just a container for storing goods. It performs a whole range of tasks, ranging from integrity and safety and ending with attracting the attention of potential customers. Uny-Pak specializes in the production of high-quality and reliable packaging for various fields of activity.

Uni-Pak services

The main activity is the manufacture and supply of corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are called "corrugated boxes". For their production, high-quality raw materials are used that meet the requirements of GOST. This allows them to be used in the food industry. Therefore, you can order boxes not only for cakes, vegetables, fruits, but also for pizza and pastries.

Given the size and appearance of the box, it can be used to transport goods by mail or pack things for moving. Corrugated board is especially in demand in the service sector. Packaged pizza and other types of fast food can be easily transported for targeted delivery to customers.

Specifics of ordering corrugated cardboard packaging

  • The use of high-tech raw materials and modern equipment for the production of boxes.
  • Designer services for custom box design.
  • Affordable prices for all services.
  • Ability to order product samples for review.
  • High quality packaging materials.

As a result of cooperation with the company, customers receive products for their purposes that meet all the requirements. The design of boxes can be varied, depending on the purpose for which the packaging is made. So, for a cake, you can order boxes of different sizes and colors. Experts are ready to take into work an order of any complexity and fulfill it as soon as possible.

The company's website contains samples of boxes in different price ranges and designs. You can get advice on the specifics of cooperation by phone or online.

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