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Equipment for creating a vacuum

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Equipment for creating a vacuum

Manufacturing technological processes imply the use of a discharged vacuum environment in the manufacture of certain types of products. It is created in special sealed chambers, from which air is pumped out to the specified vacuum parameters. Distinguish:

  • Low level.
  • Medium.
  • High level.

The vacuum level and for its creation is used industrial blower - power unit case and a fan that evacuates air through the branch ducts. According to the principle of their structure, they are divided into several main types.

Turbocharged Industrial Blowers

Used to move gases or air flow in trunk systems. All the necessary equipment is completed in a single housing. It includes 3 main components:

  • Intermediate bottom of the device.
  • Channels for pumping air.
  • Air shut-off valves.

This type of blower works according to the dynamic pressure principle. Air is evacuated by rotating a wheel equipped with blades capturing the flow.

Rotary systems

Equipped with two rotating rotors. They capture the air flow and discharge it through the branch ducts, thus creating a vacuum discharge. They are distinguished by their compact size and fairly high performance.

Vortex blowers

With the help of a rotating rotor, vortex swirling of the pumped-out air flow occurs, which creates additional useful pressure in the system. They have a simple design scheme, which uses a direct connection of the drive to the shaft of the power unit.

You can study in more detail the technical characteristics and types of blowers using the official website of the company that supplies them from enterprises of well-known manufacturers. The vacuum equipment vacuumcity.ru presented on the pages of the online resource catalog fully corresponds to the specified parameters in terms of performance and quality. For a personal consultation, the site provides the option of contacting a technical manager who will answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

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