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Severstal launched the first block of its unique coke oven battery No. 11

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has put into operation the first block coke battery No. 11 (KB-11) with the technology of compacting coal charge at the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant. The productivity of the first block is 700 thousand. tons of products per year. The new unit will increase the production of coke ovens for increasing volumes of pig iron and, accordingly, steel.

“The project of coke oven battery No. 11, worth more than 34 billion rubles, meets market trends and corresponds to our strategic priorities. We strive to be leaders in the cost price, efficiently use our own raw materials, flexibly and quickly reorganize the work depending on the economic situation. Mastering the technology of compacting coal charge makes it possible to use low-value coal grades without reducing the quality characteristics of coke. Thus, we increase the stability and competitiveness of the company. At the same time, the environmental component of the project is fully consistent with the public's request for green steel. With the commissioning of the first KB-11 unit, we can announce that Severstal's largest investments in the first redistribution of the technological chain are beginning to have an effect, "says Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal.

Severstal - the first metallurgical enterprise in Russia that has applied the innovative developments of PAUL WURTH (Luxembourg) to the construction of a coke oven battery. Modern solutions make it possible to preserve the quality of coke even when using raw materials with lower quality and cost. One of the key units of coke oven battery No. 11 is the ramming-loading-ejection machine - ТЗВМ. This equipment, in combination with the correct preparation of the charge with the required characteristics, ensures the compaction technology.

The quality of coke will be ensured, among other things, due to a special installation for dry quenching of coke. The technology guarantees a high quality of fuel for blast furnaces, since it involves additional calcination and stabilization of the entire volume of coke. The CDCP ensures the absence of moisture that is undesirable in the blast-furnace smelting process, increases cold strength. In addition, the equipment allows you to reuse energy resources by utilizing the heat of incandescent coke to generate steam and electricity.

All coke machines of the unit are automated for the first time in Russian metallurgy. For example, the software module signals when it is possible to give a command to the coke pusher to remove the door. Thus, the human factor is excluded and the work of personnel is optimized. The minimum service life of KB-11 is 40 years.

An important advantage of the KB-11 complex is its environmental component. The system of dust-free coke discharging from the chamber will remove dust from the post-bag filter up to 10 mg /m3 - the level of the cleanest metallurgical enterprises in the world. The battery complex is equipped with smokeless charging systems for coke ovens. The design of the furnaces will allow the coke oven battery to operate practically without fugitive gas emissions. Thanks to the abovementioned measures, the specific emission from the coke oven battery No. 11 will be 20% lower than the total specific emission of the coke oven batteries No. 7-10.

The project of coke oven battery No. 11 involves the construction of two blocks of 56 furnaces each. The laying of the second battery block has begun on the site. The total capacity of the new unit is 1 million 400 thousand tons per year. The launch of the second block is scheduled for 2021.

For reference:

Construction of the first block of KB-11 began in 2018. The unit construction project received a positive opinion from Glavgosexpertiza. The general contractor for the development of design and working documentation was Severstal-project LLC. The main process equipment supplier is Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A. The general contractor for the construction is Trest Koksokhimmontazh JSC (Moscow).

Infrastructure facilities - condensation, power and power supply, water supply and sewerage departments, as well as the arrangement of inter-shop communications were performed by INTECH CJSC (St. Petersburg) ... A dry coke quenching unit for the new unit was erected by Koksokhimmontazh-2 OJSC (Cherepovets).

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