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Taxi in Mariupol: which carriers should be sent to the "black list"

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Taxi in Mariupol: which carriers should be sent to the "black list"

Having taken over the functions of the regional center, Mariupol has noticeably changed recently. This is noted by both locals and visitors. However, the main problems of a large industrial city still remind of themselves. In particular, this applies to the work of municipal transport, which is represented by buses, trolleybuses and trams. Due to its limited capabilities, residents and numerous guests of Mariupol often use taxi services .

The requirements of the Mariupol residents to private carriers can hardly be called any special. They are quite standard and reasonable. Of course, passengers are always and everywhere interested in comfort at a reasonable price. Also, when ordering a taxi, they pay attention to the speed of car delivery, and during the trip - to the communication skills and experience of the driver.

The last point, by the way, is an important element of security. A knowledgeable passenger pays special attention to her, and therefore does not consider it superfluous to inquire about the criteria for selecting drivers in a particular taxi service. It is also worth noting here that the availability of such information says a lot about the carrier itself. Companies that hide the principles of their work (or do not have them at all), and there are still a lot of them, should be immediately blacklisted.

Why feedback is important

One of the long-term leaders of Ukraine in the field of private passenger transportations of taxi Opti believes that it is passengers who are able to clear the market of unreliable and low-quality carriers. The company is as open as possible and in every possible way welcomes the active position of passengers, constantly maintaining feedback.

In order to improve the quality of taxi operation, Opti has long ago introduced the Customer Advocate contact service, which helps in resolving various issues and difficult situations. "Advocate" promptly responds to requests from passengers and is available around the clock at 0800 508 579 . You can also contact support on Facebook and Instagram.

User comments help the company improve its service. This, for example, happened with the mobile application Opti : after justified comments from users about incorrect operation, the application was updated and the problems were fixed. Now the application has a user-friendly interface and allows you to call a taxi in Mariupol or its suburbs in just one click. At the same time, its use provides for cashback from each trip .

Taxi Opti 579 has been operating for over 15 years, during which it has opened branches in more than 30 cities of Ukraine. In addition, the company has representative offices in Lithuania and Poland. Quality and affordable service is the best explanation for Opti's longevity.

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