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Severstal approves regulations on corporate volunteering

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The Order “On Approval of the Regulations on Corporate Volunteering of Severstal” was signed by the CEO of the company Alexander Shevelev. The Regulations define a common understanding, common principles and approaches in the field of corporate volunteering at Severstal. According to the document, the priority areas of volunteering are the protection of families with children in difficult life situations, assistance to the elderly, ecology, environmental protection, assistance to animals.

“Volunteering helps to strengthen teamwork, acquire new knowledge and experience, which in its queue stimulates innovative approaches and solutions both within the company and in the territory of its presence. Therefore, in order to systematize and develop public and volunteer activities in the company, the Regulation on corporate volunteering was developed. The adopted document will contribute to the larger-scale development of the volunteer movement that has existed in the company for many years. Severstal volunteers participate in more than 120 volunteer initiatives every year. The current pandemic year, on the one hand, exacerbated many social problems and increased the number of people in need of help, and on the other hand, increased the number of caring people who are ready to provide this assistance, we hope that our company will also increase the number of volunteer initiatives, events and their participants ", - said Natalya Poppel, Head of CSR and Brand Department at Severstal.

Among the key principles of volunteering in the company are voluntariness, gratuitousness, responsibility, openness and partnership, promoting the implementation of the Company's key values.

Every year, in the regions where the company operates, with the participation of employees, a wide range of charitable events are held to support orphans, people with disabilities, the elderly, animals, as well as various environmental initiatives. Employees take part in all-Russian campaigns, implement their own social projects, and also provide free professional assistance within their competencies (pro boo).

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