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Sibir-Polymetals JSC summed up the results of 2020

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Sibir-Polymetals JSC summed up the results of 2020

JSC Siberia-Polymetals, one of the largest industrial mining complexes included in the UMMC group, summed up the results of work for 2020. Compared to previous periods, the company's profit has grown significantly. The volume of production increased by 14%, and refining - by 17%. In general, the company ended the year with good production and economic results.

Currently, the development of the largest deposits of polymetallic ores - with a high content of zinc, copper, lead, as well as gold and silver, continues at the Korbalikhinsky, Zarechensky and Stepnoy mines ... Processing is carried out at the Zarechenskaya and Rubtsovskaya concentrating plants, where the next stage of reconstruction was completed in 2020.

In the outgoing year, the enterprise exceeded the planned production indicators for the extraction and processing of ore, the extraction of valuable components and the production of metals. Much attention was paid to the renewal of the production base.

Thus, the technical re-equipment of the Rubtsovsk concentrator was completed, within the framework of which the flotation machines were replaced. At ROF, the pumping park was updated, the filtering equipment was replaced. Thanks to the technical re-equipment, it was possible to increase the productivity of the plant to 787 thousand tons per year and to increase the indicators for the extraction of produced concentrates. In addition, in 2020, in order to increase the productivity of the ROF, the construction of new buildings began. By 2023, a reagent department, a crushing and flotation building of the thickener will be built here. Thus, the enterprise will increase the productivity of the plant by 2.5 times and start processing up to 1.5 million tons of ore per year.

Active construction is underway at the Korbalikhinsky mine. In August 2020, the second start-up complex was put into operation here, the arrangement of the skip-cage shaft is being completed, due to which the need to transport the ore to the surface with heavy self-propelled equipment will soon disappear. At the same time, the construction of facilities for the third start-up complex is underway: modernization of the boiler house, construction of buildings for the main ventilation unit and the pit building. In general, in 2020, the volume of investments in the objects of the Korbalikhinsky mine and Rubtsovskaya concentrating plant exceeded three billion rubles. In 2021, investments will amount to 5.7 billion rubles. The Korbalikhinsky mine plans to reach its design capacity with production of up to 1.5 million tons of ore per year in 2022.

- One of the key areas of work of Siberia-Polymetals is the development of the UMMC Business System, the goal which - increasing the efficiency of the enterprise, - says the general director of JSC "SPM" Vadim Ryazantsev. - Within the framework of the operational transformation project in 2020, the employees of the enterprise submitted more than 770 ideas aimed at improving production and financial performance, improving working conditions and industrial safety. 750 employees who took part in the implementation of the project received additional bonuses totaling more than 25 million rubles. In general, the employees implemented 32 initiatives, the economic effect of which amounted to about 800 million rubles. Thanks to the involvement of employees in the UMMC Business System, the company follows the path of sustainable development.

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