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Happy New Year and Christmas Holidays !!!.

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Dear friends!

On behalf of the thousands of employees of the Belarusian Metallurgical Company holding, please accept my sincere Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

These holidays are the time when we summarize the past year and set the bar for future expectations. I think that for each 2020 was something successful, and he was able to replenish the piggy bank of achievements with new personal and professional victories, and in some way the year confirmed the excessive ambition of our plans, indicating the need to improve them. Somewhere he unexpectedly pleased with good luck, giving a favorable turn to a complex case, and somewhere - on the contrary, in a simple question he exposed dangerous pitfalls. For some, the past year opened new doors, offering to test their strengths with new opportunities, and for others, he made them retreat a step, but only in order to gather themselves before a rapid leap forward. Yes, 2020 was eventful and intense, but all its trials and achievements strengthened our experience, which will allow us to be more confident and wiser in the new year.

I sincerely wish 2021 to be a year of health for us and sincerity. May we, filled with strength, lead only a healthy struggle for the consumer. We will learn to use our resources and advantages even more efficiently. Let any victory of a competitor be perceived by each of us only as an incentive for self-improvement.

Every day I wish you positive emotions, confidence in loved ones and associates, harmony, prosperity and, of course, real miracles, which are bright strokes decorate our life!

Yours faithfully,

General Director of OJSC “BMZ & dash;

managing company of“ BMK ”holding D.А. Crust

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