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The 1000th child was born in the maternity hospital "UMMC-Health"

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The 1000th child was born in the maternity hospital "UMMC-Health"

Baby Polina was born today, January 19, at 10.30 am in the "UMMC-Health" maternity hospital. Her weight is 3780 g, height 53 cm. Not only parents and employees of the hospital, but also the townspeople were waiting for her appearance. On social networks, they voted for who will become the thousandth child. Almost 4 thousand people left their votes, most of them for the girl. And it turned out to guess.

For the newborn and her parents, the clinic arranged a real surprise - a touching postcard was placed on the door of the ward, and next to it were armfuls of balloons. Parents will receive the main gifts for discharge.

Boys are now in the lead - 508 of them were born, a little less girls - 489. Each of them is greeted by the clinic building itself, lighting pink and blue lights. Perhaps this is the most beloved tradition by the townspeople - dozens of Yekaterinburg residents post festive illumination every day on their pages in social networks.

1000 babies are almost 500 days of operation of the UMMC-Health maternity hospital.

Here are some interesting facts and coincidences that happened during this time:

  • For the first time, my father and child were discharged from the hospital. It was he who replaced his mother for the entire period of her stay, since after giving birth she was hospitalized in another hospital for health reasons;
  • The parents of the baby, who was born 888 in a row, were surprised by the coincidence, since their car has exactly the same license plate ;
  • The mother named her daughter Bazhena, and the midwife Ekaterina Bazhenova took part in the delivery;
  • The midwife Tatyana Obukhova gave birth to the patient Tatyana Obukhova. The maternity hospital also has its own rating of unusual and rare names. So, the girls were named Sevilia, Astrid, Fiona, Nicole, Olivia, Gabrielle, Bella, Aria, Julianna, Alexa, Alita, Tay, Michelle.

And the boys: Lucas, Matthew, Neil, Rodoslav, Leon, Christian, Zlat, Leonard, Emin.

Today, the main request of expectant mothers is safety and comfort. The maternity hospital "UMMC-Zdorovye" is the only one in the region who has maintained a partnership delivery in the context of a global pandemic. Here, even during construction, they provided for the provision of complete infectious safety: ventilation and air purification systems, water filtration, special sealed gateways, individual wards and delivery rooms. Therefore, we managed to preserve the possibility of partner childbirth.

- Of course, the pandemic has made its own adjustments and changed the approach to partner childbirth, - says Andrei Zhilin, head of the UMMC-Zdorovye maternity hospital. - If earlier husbands were present only during the period of childbirth, now they actually go all the way together. Many fathers stay in wards until they are discharged. We provide the partner with a comfortable sofa, bedding, food. And many take advantage of this opportunity, especially nonresidents and couples from other countries: Magadan, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Perm, Tyumen, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Moscow, England and even Tanzania. Recently, for example, a whole family lived with us: a newborn with mom and dad and their eldest son.

In addition, it became possible to give birth in water. For expectant mothers, special pools were installed in the generic ones. Hydrotherapy is one of the methods of non-drug pain relief. So, the effect of weightlessness appears in the water, when the muscles of the whole body relax, and the woman's strength is spent on labor. Women in labor actively use the entire arsenal of generic ones: interactive lighting that allows you to create the desired atmosphere, showers, wall bars with a rope and a hammock, fitball.

Parents receive a special gift for discharge - a box for happy moments or “femeli box ".

- This box is like a" time capsule ", - says Andrey Zhilin, head of the maternity hospital" UMMC-Health ". - We put in it pleasant little things related to the birth. For example, cards with interesting facts: what was the weather on that day, song of the day and memorable dates. In the "femeli-box" you can put a tag from the hospital, there is a container for storing the first lost tooth, and bags for a lock of hair.

The box also contains the most touching gift - the first cry of the baby. It is recorded and sent to the server, and the parents are handed a postcard with a QR code. The thousandth baby Polina will also receive a commemorative medal and a whole box with toys, books and recommendations for the year of the child's development from SuperMom Box.

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