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Things to consider when choosing a battery

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Things to consider when choosing a battery

This type of electrical equipment is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. They fail after a few years of machine operation and this happens, as a rule, in winter. That is why new batteries for passenger cars are on the site https://a-mega-auto.com/akkumulyatory-dlya-legkovyh-avto/, enough travel and a popular product that you have to choose yourself. And the replacement itself does not require contacting the service center. Here's what to consider first when going to choose the right model.

"Asia" or "Europe"

Such a division does exist without the announcement of officially registered standards. Moreover, the booming Chinese auto industry has joined the Asian option. Differences mainly relate to dimensional parameters and do not affect technical characteristics (capacity, voltage, current):

  • European products are distinguished by wider dimensions and lower height. Accordingly, in such a seat, the Asian battery will simply swing from side to side, and the upper bar may not fix its position at all.
  • The dimension of the terminals is plus 19.5, minus 17.9 for European, 12.7 and 11.1 for Asia, respectively.
  • The location of the contacts, in Asian models they rise above the upper platform of the case, in European ones they are, as it were, recessed into it almost completely to the base.

You can choose a suitable variant of the storage battery using the online catalog of the supplier, the company "A-MEGA AUTO". For clarity and ease of selection, each model, in addition to a detailed technical description, has a clear color photograph, which can be used to determine belonging to one of the listed product classes.

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