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How to choose the right forklift for a warehouse

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How to choose the right forklift for a warehouse

Today, the so-called "handling" of goods or goods has become mandatory, which allows them to receive and ship, as well as distribution in the warehouse with little or no manual labor. In this case, the main technical means for performing most of the logistics operations are forklift trucks, which differ in the following parameters:

  • Power, which means payload.
  • Overall dimensions of a self-propelled vehicle, taking into account the space for its turn during operation.
  • Type of power plant (diesel, gasoline, gas turbine engine or electric car).
  • Functionality (lifting height, possibility of replacing attachments).

It is on them that a front-end forklift truck should be selected for servicing a specific warehouse and performing standard or, conversely, specific production tasks.

Operational Features

Warehouse terminals of the highest category, equipped with perfectly flat floors and special crossings over thresholds for warehouse equipment, are content with forklift trucks equipped with small diameter wheels, which reduces fuel consumption and operating costs for replacing worn rubber. If, loading and unloading operations are performed:

  1. In rough terrain.
  2. In open areas with uneven surfaces.

The undercarriage of the loader must be properly equipped - larger rubber with protectors that increase flotation and traction. This will allow them to overcome minor obstacles or bumps without overturning the transported load.

You can familiarize yourself with the types of forklift trucks and choose the model that is optimal for specific production tasks using the TEKMAN website https://www.tekmanforklift.com.ua/ru/avtopogruzchiki/, which supplies this type of loading and unloading equipment directly from the enterprises of well-known world manufacturers. All samples presented in the online catalog fully comply with the declared technical parameters and equipment level. Supplied to customers on a contractual basis with a long-term quality guarantee.

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