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Scales for wheel loaders and forklifts

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Scales for wheel loaders and forklifts

Sometimes, when grabbing or loading various types of cargo, it is required to measure the exact weight of materials. For these purposes, a special on-board weighing system can be installed on an excavator or front loader. With its help, the mass of materials is determined with the highest possible accuracy. If you need weighing system for a forklift truck , you can contact the specialists of the Macon company. You can read more about the terms of ordering equipment on the website.

Forklift Scales: How to Choose Models

This weighing equipment is used in two main areas:

  • To load wagons.
  • To control the amount of materials during earthmoving and other types of work.

Products are manufactured under the Plastron brand. It is a manufacturer of high quality weighing systems for various types of forklift trucks. This equipment will be required to increase productivity and eliminate forklift breakdowns. The weighing system has high performance features - reliability, durability, safe operation.

Plastron Products: Key Features

Products are used for forklift, wheel loader and excavator. For example, scales for a front loader have a number of significant advantages, including the ability to work on uneven sites, an error of up to 1%. Forklift trucks are equipped with an alert function to avoid operational breakdowns. So, in case of overload, the warning system gives a light and sound signal about excess weight. You can purchase products with delivery.

Clients are also offered such additional services as installation, maintenance, commissioning. All components are available in stock. Therefore, in the event of a need for a prompt replacement, a long wait is excluded. To receive a commercial offer, it is enough to fill out the online form on the website indicating the contact information. The manager will contact you for advice and assistance in choosing weighing equipment.

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