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BMZ will strengthen its own research base with new equipment.

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In 2021, the scientific and technical base of OJSC “BMZ, the managing company of the holding“ BMK ”, will be replenished with 9 types of modern research equipment worth 1.7 million rubles. This technique will allow the company's specialists to conduct tests necessary to improve the quality of products and master new types of them.

We are talking about the acquisition of machines, systems and installations that will be used primarily for the development of rolling and hardware production. For example, a motorized system for studying the microstructure and automatically assessing the contamination of steel with non-metallic inclusions will allow conducting metallographic studies of metal products using an automated method, i.e. without the subjective influence of a metallographic laboratory assistant. A quantitative assessment with the possibility of statistical data processing is necessary in the development of such innovative products as hot-rolled or heat-treated rolled products for the automotive industry and the production of bearings.

& bsp; & bsp; Funding for the purchase of new research equipment for BMZ, which has had the status of a scientific organization since 2017, will be allocated from the Innovation Fund of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, as well as the plant's own funds and funds from the republican budget provided for scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities.

& bsp; & bsp; It should be noted that over the past 4 years that BMZ has been working with the status of a scientific organization, more than 4 million rubles have already been allocated for the development of its material base for research and development, which made it possible to purchase 12 units of various equipment. Such investments justify themselves with real results. So, in 2020, the volume of innovative products shipped to BMZ exceeded 590 thousand tons in the amount of almost 606 million rubles. The share of innovative products in the total volume of BMZ shipments in 2020 amounted to 23.3 percent. Over 80% of the total volume of developed innovative products was exported. We are talking about round bars for the automotive industry, pipes, steel cord, etc., which are supplied to more than 20 countries in Western Europe, the USA and Africa.

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