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Locking device contour ZK-4

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Locking device contour ZK-4

The key to the safety of railway (including passenger) transport is a set of measures that, if necessary, are designed to duplicate each other to prevent downtime, derailments, accidents and disasters. One of such measures is the presence of stable radio communication between the train crew and the stationary dispatch service. In view of:

  • The remoteness of subscribers from each other.
  • High speed trains.
  • Shielding interference.
  • Interference from equipment and power lines.

Intercom radio devices are supplemented (completed) with a specially designed device ZK circuit -4 (blocking circuit), which significantly weakens the shunting action emanating from:

  • Power transformers of any capacity.
  • Traction substations and high voltage disconnectors.

Due to the fact that radio communication is organized by transmitting a high frequency signal through the power supply wires, the connected device matches the input resistance of the intercom and the resistance of the cable itself, through which the signal is transmitted to the subscriber.

Main technical characteristics

The connection of the locking circuit must be carried out by a full-time employee of the railway rolling stock repair workshop. Its installation is carried out in the gap between the power supply wiring and the contacts of the equipment, which, in the course of its operation, causes interference to create a stable radio communication signal. The default loop is set to the common train communication frequency (2130 kHz), has:

  • Inductance - 15 MkH.
  • Resistance in operation at resonance frequency - 15 kOhm.
  • DC resistance - no more than 0.02 Ohm.
  • Designed for maximum permissible load current - up to 32 A.

You can obtain more complete information, familiarize yourself with the schematic principle of operation and purchase a device with a ZK-4 circuit using the official website of the RUSKRANSNAB company, which supplies this type of electrical equipment from manufacturers. The product fully meets the declared parameters, is certified and has a quality guarantee.

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