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Car headlights

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Car headlights

Only with the onset of the winter season, many motorists begin to understand how important the quality and power of the headlights in their car is. Installed by manufacturers Auto lamps meet all international standards and parameters, but:

  • Have a limited life.
  • I have not betrayed perfection and the good can always be replaced with a better one, taking into account personal requirements.

In any case, choosing a lighting fixture for a car requires a balanced and careful approach. Several parameters should be taken into account when making an independent choice. The following is an obligatory one.

Type of lamp required

The head lighting of a modern passenger car includes a whole range of positions for its use, depending on the needs of the car enthusiast or established rules. Each position has its own special lamp:

  • Running lights have replaced the mandatory dipped beam, which must be turned on at any time of the day (traffic rules). Basically, these are LEDs that rarely fail.
  • Side light bulbs.
  • High beam devices.
  • Bulbs for fog lamps.
  • Low beam lamps - an independent upgrade with head lighting is carried out by replacing these particular lamps with more powerful ones or, for example, xenon.

For those who do not want to experiment and want to buy a so-called "native" lamp for their car instead of a burned out one, just go to the website of the supplier of this type of electrical equipment, the Carlamp company. Even a novice car enthusiast can easily find the desired original type of lamp that meets all the established standards using the "Match by car" option. And in case of any difficulties for clients' services, direct communication with the consultant of the Internet project.

As a tip. To eliminate the difference in intensity and illumination spectrum, it is best to replace lamps in pairs. This will ensure the comfort and quality of vehicle operation at night or in bad weather.

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