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Uchalinsky GOK has improved the technology of stowing operations

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Uchalinsky GOK has improved the technology of stowing operations

Uchaly (Republic of Bashkortostan)

At the Uzelginsky mine of the Uchalinsky GOK (an enterprise of the UGMK raw materials complex), a new technology for the production of hardening filling mixtures has been developed and implemented, intended to fill the spaces worked out underground. The essence of the innovation lies in the use of new compositions of mixtures with granular slag crushed using an ultrafine grinding mill integrated into the existing technological line for the production of filling mixtures. During the development of the new technology, the amount of expensive cement in the compositions of the filling mixtures was reduced by more than 50% compared to its consumption in the previously used compositions.

“The management and technological personnel of Uchalinsky GOK carried out well-coordinated and multifaceted work involving as required, specialists from UMMC, Uralmekhanobra, Technical University UMMC. The result of this work was the successful solution of complex tasks to reduce the cost, increase transportability and shorten the time to reach the standard values ​​of strength indicators of the filling mixtures, ”said Gennady Smyslov, consultant to the General Director of UMMC, who initiated and under whose leadership a new technological scheme was developed and implemented. production of filling mixtures.

At the first stage in the construction laboratory of the Uchalinsky GOK, specialists tested various compositions of filling mixtures with strength from 1 to 5 MPa, achieved the maximum disclosure of the binding properties of granulated slag and determined clear boundaries of the parameters of all components of the filling mixtures. The next step was the search for technological equipment that would make it possible to produce such mixtures in the grinding and mixing department (PSO) of the Uzelginsky mine. After a comprehensive technical and economic analysis of equipment from foreign and domestic manufacturers, preference was given to a Russian-made ultrafine grinding mill.

The design and engineering department of the Uchalinsky GOK completed a project to include the mill in the existing PSO line without stopping the filling work. The result of introducing the installation into the technological process exceeded the expectations of specialists - in 2020, the reduction in cement consumption in backfill mixtures with a strength of 2 MPa reached 69%, while the standard strength of the massif was reached after 28 days instead of 90.

“Technological line with the use of an ultrafine grinding mill has shown its effectiveness in many parameters, and as a technologist, it is pleasant for me to observe that the set of standard values ​​for the strength of filling mixtures in our country occurs almost twice as fast as before, while improving their transportability, " .about. Zhamil Mursalimov, deputy chief engineer of the mine for filling operations.

The economic effect of the introduction of technology with an ultrafine grinding mill opens up new opportunities for further modernization of the filling complexes of the Uchalinsky GOK without increasing the cost of filling works.

Based on the positive experience of the filling complex of the Uzelginsky mine, the management of UMMC made a decision to use this technology at the Novo-Uchalinskoye field of Uchalinsky GOK and in Bashkirskaya Med LLC.

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