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The best lightweight shoe for the military

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The best lightweight shoe for the military

Often the role of high-quality footwear in military equipment is relegated to the background. But it depends on her how comfortable it is to act in a given situation, to overcome obstacles. It should fit snugly, but not put pressure on the legs, have orthopedic features, be sewn from certain materials that do not cause problems in the warm season.

If we talk about light models, then here it is better to buy tactical sneakers https://pancer.com.ua/takticheskie-krossovki , which differ from the usual ones in the increased wear resistance of each part. They do not fix the leg so well (in the absence of a long bootleg), but differ in their lower weight compared to the ankle boots, and elements that improve the ventilation required from late spring to early autumn. Slightly taller models are made with some insulation.

How to choose them

Regardless of the purpose for which you take this kind of sneaker, it is important to pay attention to a number of features. This is primarily:

  • flexible, durable outsole;
  • dense and most natural materials for the upper;
  • aggressive protector;
  • protectors on the heel and toe.

Examine the models and make sure the bottom is made of lightweight and extremely durable materials. They must be properly sewn to the soft top. It is optimal if the sole is made so that you can move quickly and silently, but do not pierce it with the first oncoming nail or sharp stone. If there is an overlap in front and behind, then you can count on the prevention of dislocations, bruises and other injuries.

The upper part, as a rule, of high-quality shoes of this format is made of genuine leather, dense textiles, nubuck. They can withstand almost any load, allow the foot to breathe and do not lead to discomfort or unpleasant odors. The latter are a sign of the multiplication of bacteria, which, in combination with feet rubbed in long walks, does not bode well.

Where to go

Choosing specialized footwear, whether it be low or high sneakers for summer or winter, you should look at the site of the "Pantsir" military agency. There, the assortment includes goods at prices from 350 to 6,500 hryvnia from well-known brands (LOWA, M-Tac, Mil-Tec, ESDY, etc.). There are also products of our own production on sale, which have already shown their best side. Available for men, women and unisex models in various colors: olive, black, gray, brown. You can also tailor solutions specifically for tourism, training, hunting or military use.

The store is available 24/7. You can buy a product in a few clicks and quickly pay online. If you are a regular customer (or are going to become one), there is a system of accumulating points with further discounts. There are special offers for wholesalers.

In Kiev, delivery is carried out by courier, and throughout Ukraine - by "New mail".

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