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Supplies of nonmetallic building materials

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Supplies of nonmetallic building materials

For the construction of various objects, it is necessary to purchase high-quality building materials in large quantities. Without such popular materials as sand, crushed stone and concrete, it is impossible to imagine the construction of roads, the construction of the foundation. On the site https://72taktika.ru/ you can purchase nonmetallic building materials at affordable prices in Tyumen ...

What nonmetallic materials you can buy

The company offers a large selection of nonmetallic building materials in the range. Studying the assortment, you can note the following types of non-metallic materials for ordering:

  • Sand of different fractions - fine-grained and coarse-grained, depending on the goals and objectives. Thus, fine sand will be the optimal solution not only for landscaping, but also for building mixtures.
  • Crushed stone in stock. Granite crushed stone is suitable for concrete production, foundation pouring and road construction. Limestone - for facing work, arrangement of sidewalks and other construction work.
  • Concrete - different grades and strength classes.

Ordering non-metallic materials

The Tactics company offers its clients favorable terms of cooperation. You can get individual discounts. To do this, you must go to the site to order a cost calculation If necessary, you can use the installment payment service. An equally profitable service of the company is the provision of a warehouse for rent. As part of its action, you can buy and pay for the goods, and pick them up after a certain time. To clarify the conditions for renting a warehouse, please refer to the company's website.

The company specializes in the sale of quality certified products. Shipment is possible at a convenient location for the client. The arsenal has a large fleet of special vehicles for prompt shipment to the customer's site. Delivery is carried out when ordering from three tons. An online order calculation form is presented on the website. To do this, you must fill in the data with information - indicate the material, brand, address, order quantity and contacts. Experts will contact you and announce the cost.

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