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Recycling points

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Recycling points

The main feature of glass containers is their recyclability. Therefore, collection and delivery is not only useful, but also a profitable event. By handing over glass containers, you not only get rid of non-decomposable waste, but also get an opportunity to earn money. If you are looking for points of acceptance of glass containers, you can pay attention to the service https://punktexpert.biz. ua /.

Directory of Recycling Points

Collection of scrap metal is no less popular than the delivery of glass containers. Everyone has a few pounds of unnecessary scrap metal in the garage, the delivery of which guarantees a monetary reward. Both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap can be handed over to the collection points. The estimated cost of non-ferrous scrap will be in a higher price range.

Apart from this, waste paper also belongs to secondary raw materials. Therefore, at any time, if there is a certain amount of waste paper, you can contact the collection points for delivery and make a profit. It is enough to find out the address of the nearest one.

Types of secondary raw materials for recycling

The service offers to familiarize yourself with the list of drop-off points:

  • Scrap metal.
  • Waste paper.
  • Glass containers.

These are the main types of secondary raw materials, the collection and delivery of which can be profitable. The directory of points of reception of recyclable materials has a rather simple structure. Reception points can be found depending on what you are going to take. You can do the orientation to the location, city and district. The search form provides for selection by city and region.

If necessary, you can add a collection point by specifying contact information. Thus, you will be able to hand over recyclable materials for processing with the maximum level of comfort. On the site you will find a fairly large number of collection points for secondary raw materials located in various Ukrainian cities. For the convenience of each user, you can clarify the work schedule, the exact address and get acquainted with the price list for the delivery of recyclable materials. This way you can compare pick-up points and find the best option for you.

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