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Mobile concrete mixing plants

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Mobile concrete mixing plants

For the manufacture of concrete and mortar mixtures, specialized equipment is used. The optimal solution for the enterprise is the operation of mobile concrete mixing plants. Thanks to their mobility, they can be used directly on the construction site. Prices for MEKA concrete mixing plants can be found on the company's website.

Using Concrete Mixing Plants

The main function of such installations is high mobility. Thanks to this, the equipment is easily transported to any site where construction work is carried out. The concrete plant is characterized by ease of use, high productivity and economy. All these properties make it easy to use such equipment, both in the construction industry and in public utilities. You can also use installations for private construction.

Using installations in the construction industry, you can erect bridges, foundations, build dams, runways. If you use such equipment for the public sector, you can note the laying of sidewalks, curbs, etc.

Cost of concrete mixing plants

The MEKA company produces high-quality equipment, which can be bought for any purpose and task. The company's specialists guarantee customers the supply of only high-quality products that meet all the established requirements. If necessary, you can order non-standard and additional equipment and all spare parts for it.

The product catalog is presented with an indication of the current cost. Many factors directly affect the final cost of such equipment. The main pricing parameters are:

  • Performance.
  • Type of inert material supply.
  • Concrete mixer volume.

To select and order equipment, you need to go to the company's website and familiarize yourself with the presented models. Also on the site you can find the complete set of delivery. This will allow you to select equipment exclusively for the needs of production. For detailed information on ordering, please visit the website.

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