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Units for automatic check of gas valves tightness

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Units for automatic check of gas valves tightness

Immediately after the end of the heating season, the responsible persons should take a set of measures related to checking the safety and serviceability of the departmental gas boiler equipment. They are carried out in accordance with the established regulations and provide for:

  • Testing and external examination to determine if there is no damage.
  • Replacement of worn-out components. The original gas fittings installed instead must have quality certificates confirming their reliability.
  • Installation of new additional systems for automatic monitoring of the equipment condition during operation.

A gas boiler can be equipped with such an additional safety system using a tightness control unit, which checks that there is no leakage of the working gas mixture through the control valves before direct ignition (start-up).

Product Specifications

Lack of tightness at the time of supplying gas fuel before it is ignited in boiler equipment can lead to its increased concentration in the room and an explosive situation. The tightness control unit is produced in 2 operational versions:

  1. With increased protection housing for installation in gas distribution cabinets.
  2. Allows for outdoor installation in the open air.

The device is adapted to work together with a variety of control systems for gas boiler equipment of foreign and domestic production. Data on the tightness (leakage) of the solenoid control valves in the gas fuel supply system are displayed on the instrument panel, equipped with red and green LED indicators. The device operates from an electric current with a voltage of 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.

You can get more complete technical information on the possibilities of using blocks for automatic leak testing of gas valves of boiler equipment using the website of their manufacturer, the TERMOBREST plant. The models of devices presented on the pages of the catalog fully correspond to the declared parameters and have a long-term quality guarantee.

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