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GHH Group's new products at Mining World 2021

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GHH Group's new products at Mining World 2021

GHH Group demonstrated the all-electric Tembo 4x4 E-LV car to the market as part of the Mining World 2021 exhibition, which was held at Crocus Expo, Moscow, from April 20 to 22.

The Tembo electric car with a 65 kW motor and 250 Nm of torque is equipped with rechargeable batteries designed for a minimum of 8000 charging cycles or 10 years of operation. The car easily overcomes inclines up to 45 degrees and develops a speed of up to 25 km / h. The speed of movement is limited specifically for use in underground mining operations.
The car is intended to become an alternative to the diesel car, the use of which is associated with the cost of operation, arrangement and maintenance of ventilation systems in mines. Despite the price advantage of diesel cars, the electric car is characterized by high reliability, low noise, low heat generation, easy maintenance and high engine life.

GHH Group specialists also spoke about the successful completion of testing of flagship products in the Urals. At the beginning of this year, thanks to the large-scale work of the service team, a 14-ton LF-14 loading and delivery truck, two 45-ton mine dump trucks and five Face Master 2.3 drilling rigs were successfully put into operation at one of the UMMC enterprises.

"The project in the Urals began at the end of 2019 and was completed only at the beginning of this year. Its implementation came during a difficult period of restrictions, but thanks to the efforts of highly qualified specialists of the service team, which was integrated into the work of the enterprise and provided support virtually 24 to 7, we passed all the tests, " said the head of the Ural region Ruslan Faskhutdinov.

Special attention was paid to the new products of 2021. So, this year the company brings to the Russian market a new seven-ton loading and delivery machine-LF-7, an updated ten-ton model LF-10 Neo, as well as a hybrid car with an electric battery LF 19 EB. In addition, by the end of the year, the range of mining equipment will be replenished with a new 30-ton dump truck, and the well-proven twenty-ton MK-20 will be replaced by the twenty-two-ton MK-22.

The line of anchor and drilling equipment will be expanded. In particular, at one of the enterprises of the company KGHM Polska Miedzi, tests of the new Roof Master 1.8 KE battery anchorer were completed. The unique feature of this model is that it can be charged from the existing power supply network with a voltage of 500-1000 V. To do this, a charger is installed on the chassis of the car, and thanks to regenerative braking, the battery can be charged even when going down. This design allows you not to alter the infrastructure of the mine and not to interrupt the working cycle.

"The development of this model is a response to the wishes of the client, in this case, KGHM. However, the new anchor installation will be able to solve the problems of customers around the world. The shafts are getting deeper, and the cost of ventilation increases with every meter. Electric battery models will help to reduce harmful emissions, increase safety, and in the long term – to facilitate and reduce the cost of maintenance, " said Wojciech Ezhewski, Sales Manager of Mine Master, CIS.

In addition, tests of an electric drilling machine – Face Master 1.7 LE-will soon begin at the same KGHM Polska Miedzi mine. The peculiarity of this car is that even with the charger installed, it is the lowest in the class. Its working height is 1.65 m, which allows you to work in heavy workings with a chamber-column system, with slopes up to 15 degrees.

The updates also affected the auxiliary equipment. Along with the Tembo 4x4 E-LV, the company offers Russian customers a powerful diesel SUV MUV-5 for operation in more severe conditions.

MUV5 is an underground multifunctional machine that can be equipped with auxiliary equipment necessary for performing operations underground: a compressor driven by a diesel engine, a welding machine, an electric winch, a g/n 1000kg crane, a high-pressure washer, and compartments for hand tools. To perform work at a height, it is possible to complete the lifting platform.

"This year, the Mining World exhibition exceeded expectations in terms of the number of visitors and the richness of the program. We were happy to welcome everyone to our booth and are grateful for the interest shown in our equipment. The achieved level of trust and feedback from customers gives us additional motivation on the threshold of the second decade on the Russian market. Our technical and service specialists are always ready for open dialogue and flexibility. We have worked hard all this time, but we do not plan to stop, " said Dmitry Zhukov, Executive Director of GHH Group, Russia.

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