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UMMC-Health opens a new Center for Cognitive Technologies in Yekaterinburg

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UMMC-Health opens a new Center for Cognitive Technologies in Yekaterinburg

The new Center for Cognitive Technologies "UMMC-Health" was opened today in the residential complex "Makarovsky". It is unique to the Urals. For the first time in one space, 24 advanced technologies from all over the world are presented for the development and rehabilitation of cognitive abilities, such as attention, perception, speech, intelligence. Many techniques are unique not only for the region, but for the whole country.

The opening ceremony and excursions around the center were attended by the head of Yekaterinburg, Alexei Orlov, and the general director of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, Andrei Kozitsyn.

“It looks like a spaceship,” Alexey Orlov shared his impressions. - There is no feeling that you are in the hospital. And at the same time, the most high-tech medical care is provided here. Everything that concerns the approaches of UMMC to the development of private medicine is at a high level: one must understand that UMMC-Health is the largest private medical center in the Urals. The atmosphere that is created at these sites expresses the care for each patient. The Center for Cognitive Technologies is a completely new and unique approach that allows children to develop, correct impairments, and correct many age-related changes in the elderly. This is an investment in the social health of the population, for which, of course, a huge gratitude to Andrei Anatolyevich personally and the entire UMMC company for the contribution she makes to the development of the city of Yekaterinburg. ”

The methods implemented in the center do not help only to correct neurological disorders: cerebral palsy, autism, the consequences of cerebral palsy (strokes), delayed speech development or the complexity of the formation of school skills, prevent age-related changes, but also qualitatively change the lives of adults and children.

They allow:

  • train memory, thinking, concentration;
  • develop stress resistance, increase efficiency and self-organization, prevent age-related changes;
  • playfully prepare children for school, it is easier to learn the school curriculum, to cope with restlessness and inability to concentrate;
  • to achieve coordination of movements, high speed of reactions and great results in sports.

Cognitive t Technologies are a kind of "simulators" for different parts of the brain: some affect the zones responsible for memory and attention, others - on the zones of spatial orientation, speech, and so on. Classes on special equipment accelerate the maturation of the brain departments, make their work coordinated and correct.

UMMC General Director Andrey Kozitsyn thanked everyone who participated in the creation of the Center: “The most important thing is that this space will be filled with content in the near future. : patients will come - children and adults. I would like to note that such centers appear thanks to a constructive dialogue with all levels of government, for which special thanks go to the Governor Yevgeny Vladimirovich Kuyvashev, the head of Yekaterinburg Alexei Valerievich Orlov. I am sure that this is not the last medical center that we will open together, because the city lives, develops, and we try to keep pace with this development. As for the center of cognitive technologies, the sooner we work with children in this format, the less problems there will be with their health later. Therefore, good luck and good luck! ”.

Patients of all ages will be able to study in the new cozy and creative space. There are halls for vocal therapy, art therapy, sensory integration and neuro-gymnastics, as well as rooms with various methods, including innovative ones.

For example, the developing correction complex with biofeedback Timokko allows you to turn correction into an exciting game. The camera reads hand movements and duplicates them on the monitor screen. The child holds colorful balls in his hands, completing tasks, and thereby trains the smoothness of hand movements, endurance, accuracy of actions, adherence to the game framework, reaction speed, concentration of attention - all that is necessary for a student who cannot sit in a lesson or write for a long time. Another newest world development is the Hummingbird complex. The camera on the screen reads the slightest eye movements, and children perform tasks on the screen, controlling objects with their eyes. The technique will help schoolchildren who have learning difficulties: they cannot read, skip letters, jump from line to line.

Another unique technology is Fitlight. It is a fun, flexible gaming system for training hand-eye coordination, dexterity, attention, coordination. Its essence is as follows: in front of the patient there are lanterns that need to be turned off by touching or remotely, while simultaneously performing the instructor's tasks - to sit down, solve the problem, jump, and so on. The technique is shown not only for

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