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FSF filters from the "SibEKS " company

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FSF filters from the "SibEKS " company

In centralized communication systems, mesh flange filters are used. Their main purpose is to clean the system from impurities, scale. Such filters are widely used for the purpose of preliminary cleaning of cold and hot water supply systems. It is also advisable to talk about the use of such filters in the heating system. The company LLC "SibEcs " specializes in the supply of filters and steam traps ...

Features of use of mesh flange filters

As you know, for the purpose of water filtration, special piping elements should be used. They not only purify water, but also perform a protective function in relation to metering devices, valves and other parts from particles of various fractions entering them. The FSF filter itself has the following components: body, faucet, bolts, plug, mesh and other components. The installation of such filters is advisable in front of the meter itself.

The body is equipped with a special arrow that shows the direction of water flow. The filters themselves differ in the following parameters:

  • Diameter.
  • Material of manufacture.

So, the diameter can vary from 40 to 500 mm. Considering, for example, the model of the FSF 250 filter, a number of features can be noted, including the use only for coarse cleaning.

Brass, cast iron, steel can be used as a material of manufacture. So, cast iron filters are widely used in industry. Steel filters have found their place in economic activities. Brass models are used in piping systems. Depending on the material, a price range is formed.

FSF filter characteristics

The main parameters for the selection of FSF filters are:

  • Attachment type.
  • Working temperature.
  • Working pressure.
  • Body material.

Thus, you can choose the FSF filter for specific goals and objectives.

To order paronite gaskets for flange connections, you can go to the site of the company "Sibenergokomplektservis". On the company's website, you can make an order, having previously familiarized yourself with the current cost and features.

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