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Pellet Flare Burner

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Pellet Flare Burner

Automation of a solid fuel boiler and equipping it with a special design pellet flare burner greatly simplifies the operation of heating equipment. The principle of operation of the device allows the use of modern pellets as fuel. Reliable torch burners provide complete combustion of combustible materials, increasing boiler performance.

Constructive device

This is not to say that the design is too complicated. But, in its manufacture, it is required to observe high accuracy of parts. It is difficult to achieve production at home with subsequent high performance. And in many cases it is simply impossible. The main parts of the device can be distinguished:

  1. A device that ignites the fuel tab.
  2. Fan creating directional air flow.
  3. The brazier, where the fuel is burned.
  4. Pellet tray.

Flare Burner Highlights

The first thing that catches the eye of the consumer is the affordable cost of the equipment, despite the presence of electric motors, gearboxes, sensors and an electronic controller. In fact, human labor is only needed to load a new portion of solid fuel into a special bunker. It is worth adding to the main advantages of the burner:

  • combustion start and control are automatic;
  • removal of combustion products does not require human intervention;
  • fuel cannot burn on its own;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • the size of the hopper can be increased;
  • ash after fuel combustion is used as fertilizer.
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