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Wholesale woolen and silicone blankets

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Wholesale woolen and silicone blankets

A sound sleep is a guarantee of health and longevity. First of all, sleeping accessories should be comfortable. If you need to buy high-quality home textiles, you can contact the Vtor-Resource company. She offers not only home textiles, but also insulation - padding polyester, batting and others. Here you can also buy a wide range of woolen and silicone blankets.

Blanket Assortment

Woolen and silicone blankets can be purchased at an affordable price range. Blankets differ in different technical parameters, namely, length and width. Depending on this, a price range is formed. So, you can pay attention to the sizes of blankets 145x205 cm, 175x205 cm, as well as 200x220 cm. This is the most popular dimensional grid.

Silicone and wool blankets: features of choice

The Vtor-Resource factory produces blankets from both artificial and natural fillers. Silicone acts as an artificial material. Wool is used for filling with natural materials. Each type of filler has certain characteristics. So, blankets made of natural wool are characterized by high heat-insulating properties. Sheep wool has medicinal properties. It has a positive effect on people suffering from joint and back pain.

An important factor is hypoallergenicity. Unlike natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, silicone is absolutely neutral. Blankets made of it can be used both at home and for equipping rest homes, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.

Where to buy quality blankets?

If you need to purchase large quantities of blankets, you can contact the specialists of the Vtor-Resource company. She has prepared favorable terms of cooperation for all clients. Individual tailoring of blankets is possible after providing the necessary measurements. For procurement questions, please visit the website.

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