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Polyurethane foam coated pipes for pipelines

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Polyurethane foam coated pipes for pipelines

The cost of laying pipelines for transporting hot water (heating, domestic or technical needs) externally is significantly lower in comparison:

  • With trenching method.
  • Production of underground canals.

But, the disadvantages of this design include the impact of weather factors on it, causing heat loss and rapid destruction of the line due to metal corrosion. It is quite simple to solve this issue, it is enough buy PPU OTs pipes "Pipe in pipe". The abbreviation of the products is deciphered as follows:

  • PPU - polyurethane foam layer.
  • OTs - external galvanized pipe.

It is under such a two-layer reliable protection that the pipeline itself, installed by air, ground or mixed method, through which the working fluid is transported, will be located.

The main advantages of PPU OTs pipes

The internal (main) or working pipe of products used by manufacturers, classified in engineering and technical reference books, as PPU OTs meets the established parameters of GOST:

  • By dimensional characteristics (inner and outer diameter).
  • By the grade of steel or alloy used for their manufacture.
  • By manufacturing technology, cold or hot rolled steel, seam welded product.

To control the tightness of the pipeline system, PPU OTs pipes are equipped with a special remote control system (abbreviated SODK), which works on the principle of closing-opening signal wiring.

The use of this type of pipes allows not only to protect pipelines from external factors, but also to significantly reduce the loss of heat transported through them by the working fluid. Depending on the format of operation, they do not exceed 4%.

You can get acquainted with the types and dimensional parameters of PPU OTs pipes using the official website of their manufacturer, Teplospezincom company. All product names presented in the catalog are available and supplied to customers on a contractual basis.

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