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Flatbed Cutting Plotter

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Flatbed Cutting Plotter

Cutting (cutting) of flat parts from cardboard, thick paper, thin sheet plastic, foam, PVC, leather or plastic film is carried out in production workshops (workshops, studios) of commercial enterprises using special equipment. The most common and popular type is considered to be a flatbed plotter (exact specifications and photographs are presented here on the LARSEN website), which is:

  • Working table - the processed (cut) material is placed on its surface.
  • Holder for secure fixation - can be electrostatic, magnetic or vacuum type.
  • Movable carriage with cutting tool - moves longitudinally and transversely.

Full control of the carriage movement, which means the entire cutting procedure according to the specified dimensional parameters, is carried out through the equipment interface, to which it is connected at choice:

  • The computer device and control is carried out by the operator through the software.
  • Flash drive with plotter coordination software.

The operation of the equipment can be controlled remotely or using the buttons located on its display, as a rule, this is an emergency stop or pause key to replace the processed material.

Classification of flatbed plotters

Flatbed plotters, like any other production equipment, are classified according to the parameters of their power, productivity and dimensions of the desktop to accommodate the processed material. Distinguish between devices:

  • Compact portable format.
  • Stationary.

Certain models of plotters can be used to process not only flat sheet, but also roll-type materials. Equipped with a special holder that allows you to pull it across the surface of the table working plane.

You can get acquainted with the types and technical capabilities of flatbed plotters using the online catalog of the LARSEN company, which supplies them to the domestic market from enterprises of well-known manufacturers. All models presented on its pages fully meet the declared parameters and have a long-term quality guarantee.

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