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Roller carriages from the Ladoga company

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Roller carriages from the Ladoga company

The Ladoga company is a leading supplier of hydraulic elements, linear motion systems manufactured by Bosch Rexroth. The site contains a wide range of high quality products that can be purchased with delivery. So, here is roller carriage which can be purchased depending on the modification. You can view the range of products on the website.

Features of the choice of roller carriages

Roller carriages belong to the elements of fittings for sliding gates. This element can be attributed to the main ones, since the serviceability and normal functioning of the gate depends on its quality. A steel roller with a large diameter acts as a rolling element in the roller carriage. The catalog of roller carriages is presented on the website. You can choose such models that will fully meet all the established requirements.

In addition to high-quality roller carriages, the range includes ball rails, bushings, precision shafts, aluminum profiles. You can also purchase a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic elements.

Roller carriage catalog: which models to choose

  • Standard roller carriages.
  • Wide roller carriages.
  • Carriages for heavy loads.

A datasheet for each roller carriage option is available on the website.

When ordering products on the company's website, a number of advantages can be noted, including fast delivery of products from the company's warehouse, reliability and durability. For each client, the services of a personal manager are available, who will be able to provide competent advice. You can also note the German quality of products and flexible payment terms.

Roller carriages are guaranteed for 12 months. This means that each client can order high quality products and not worry about its operation. The company's specialists offer a high level of service, namely, field service, repair in an authorized service center. It is possible to issue a request for a 3D model, which will allow you to get acquainted with the design features as accurately as possible.

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