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Customized jib cranes

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Customized jib cranes

The mechanization of any production process provides for the complete elimination or minimization of manual labor. This topic is especially relevant for areas where the movement of goods (parts, workpieces, units) is a mandatory component of the overall technological process. For these purposes, this type of lifting equipment is often used, such as jib crane , the structural diagram of which is:

  • Supporting stationary column (usually made of strong steel grades and has a circular cross-section).
  • Console fixed on the top of the column (the structure has an "L" -shaped).
  • A lifting device (hoist or winch with an electric motor) that moves freely on the console.

The console itself can be rotated relative to the fixed side at an angle specified by the designers. Some types of this lifting equipment are equipped with 2 support columns, in these models the console is fixed in a fixed position.

Order, design and manufacture of a jib crane

The design of a jib crane is carried out taking into account the specifics of the execution of the technological tasks assigned to it (lifting capacity, lifting height, boom reach, swing angle), as well as compliance with established industrial safety standards (equipping with clamps, blocking or emergency dumping of cargo). You can order the calculation of the project, manufacture, and installation of a stationary jib crane in the "MONTAZHKRANSERVICE" company, which carries out similar projects using:

  • Own high-tech equipment and production facilities.
  • The experience and professional skills of the engineering, technical and working personnel of the enterprise.
  • High-quality components and consumables.

You can get acquainted with examples of jib cranes manufactured at the enterprise using the official website of the company. A preliminary consultation with a technical manager and an order for drawing up a project of a lifting device according to the individual parameters of the customer are carried out in an online format.

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