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Corrugation for protection of electrical networks of the car

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Corrugation for protection of electrical networks of the car

Sources of electrical energy for a car with an internal combustion engine are a storage battery and a generator that generates electricity by rotating the rotor shaft. The wired network used to connect numerous lighting and control devices to them requires:

  • Reliable fixation of both the cables themselves and the contact group.
  • Protection against external physical influences, the most harmful of which is abrasion due to vibration during machine operation.

The most effective way of protection is corrugated plastic tubes through which the electrical network is laid. They are classified according to various parameters, which can be found online automotive corrugation catalog the official site of the PROM SUPPLY company. Here's what to consider when choosing this type of consumables yourself.

The main types of corrugated automobile pipes

Automotive corrugated tubes are made of plastic that is resistant to temperature changes in the environment and is not susceptible to aggressive media. It is non-toxic and retains its elastic properties over time. It should be remembered that corrugated conduits for electrical wiring of cars are not sealed and are only intended to be an exception:

  • Effects of friction forces.
  • Kinks or kinks.

They are classified according to the dimensional parameters of the cross section. A set of wires or a cable must be laid loosely in the inner cavity of the corrugation. By their design, they are divided into 2 main types:

  1. Non-split corrugation - is a complete product in the form of a tube through which the wiring is laid.
  2. Split tube - has a longitudinal cut along the entire length and is put on the wiring directly at the place of its laying.

You can familiarize yourself with the types and technical parameters of automobile corrugations using the supplier's website, the PROM POSTAVA company. All items presented in the catalog are in stock and are supplied to customers on a contractual basis.

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