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Container chassis semitrailers: where are they used, design features

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A container chassis semitrailer is one of the common types of specialized trailers for trucks, which is used to transport containers, both rail and sea. The purpose of container ships is to transport goods over long distances. Container chassis semitrailers are special vehicles designed to travel on general highways.

Construction of a container chassis semitrailer

The design of the device has a reinforced chassis of a welded type, fastened with special "fittings" with which the chassis is attached to the frame of the device.

Automobile container carriers have a reinforced frame made of steel beams with special elements that provide additional reliability. This feature distinguishes container carriers from conventional semitrailers, since large-sized cranes do not always have the ability to "gently" place the container on the semitrailer, so a conventional structure could not withstand the shock load and simply bend. The frames of container ships are usually made of special square tubes with thick walls. The points where the fasteners for attaching the suspension will be located are additionally reinforced with special elements.

Where are container chassis semitrailers used?

  • For transporting containers of various sizes;
  • For transportation of tank containers;
  • For transportation of modular structures for any purpose.

The basic rule is that the size of the container ship matches the size of the container being transported, to ensure the safety of both cargo and road users.

On some models of container ships, handling equipment is installed, thanks to which it is possible to load and unload the device without the help of special cranes.

Recently, container semitrailers have undergone major changes. The manufacturers have done a great job to ensure that the container ship has a strong and reliable structure, while not being too heavy. To achieve such an effect, designers and engineers had to use high-quality steel and other equally important engineering solutions when designing a tow hitch.

Basically container ships are characterized by:

  • Simplified hitch with missing platform and sides;
  • Reinforced frame on which the container is directly installed;
  • There are special fasteners on the frame, with the help of which a high-quality fixation of the container takes place.
  • As a rule, modern container ships have 3 axles, as well as sturdy spring or pneumatic suspension.

Depending on the type of construction, container semitrailers are divided into several options:

  1. Standard devices for transporting 20 or 40 ft containers.
  2. Low loaders, for transporting specialized containers (HighCube).
  3. General purpose container carriers that can carry one or more containers of non-standard sizes.

Also container ships can transport large-capacity 40-foot containers , or two 20ft containers .

Modern container chassis semitrailers are highly reliable "unkillable" equipment, the design of which is thought out in such a way that loading or unloading of a container takes place as quickly and conveniently as possible, and the transportation of containers itself is comfortable, reliable and safe.

Special structural elements allow the container to be secured as safely as possible, distributing the entire weight of the cargo throughout the device.

Package contents

The basic configuration of container chassis semitrailers includes air suspension, a system that prevents the device from overturning, a retractable platform on a pneumatic drive, which is protected from accidental mechanical damage, attachments for a particular type of container, as well as a set of lights and side marker lights.

Today, not a single large industry does not do without the use of container semi-trailers, as well as transport used as a tractor. It is not a problem to acquire such a means for transporting containers.

The advantage of such trailing devices is that they can significantly increase the volume of transported cargo, at relatively low cost. This is what caused such a widespread distribution of these vehicles.

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