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NLMK completes large-scale environmental modernization of steelmaking facilities

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Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant has completed the environmental modernization of steel production. The warranty tests confirmed that the dust emission in Converter Shop No. 2, which accounts for more than 60% of the total steel production at the site, has been reduced by two and a half times. The modernization made it possible to increase the productivity of the shop by 15% to 10 million tonnes of steel per year, while simultaneously reducing the impact on the environment. The volume of environmental investments amounted to more than 26 billion rubles.

Within the framework of the project, two converters and gas exhaust ducts were reconstructed, an effective gas cleaning system was installed, which allows to capture up to 99.9% of dust. The warranty tests confirmed the efficiency of the gas cleaning equipment at or better than the design values.

This project is part of a four-party agreement on cooperation in the field of environmental development between NLMK, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Rosprirodnadzor and the Lipetsk Region Administration, signed summer 2019. To date, Lipetsk has implemented five of the nine measures planned until 2024.

As part of a comprehensive environmental modernization, it also became possible to use by-gases from the steelmaking production as a secondary energy resource for generating electricity at the new power plant. The commissioning of the power plant in 2023 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 650 thousand tons per year.

Information about NLMK's steelmaking production

converter shops. Converter shop No. 2 produces over 60% of the steel at the Lipetsk site. Metal smelting is carried out in three oxygen converters. Two of them with a capacity of 300 tons were commissioned in 1975, during reconstruction in 2020-2021. they were replaced with 330 ton units. In 2011, a new converter with a capacity of 330 tons (converter No. 1) with a modern cooling and waste gas cleaning system was installed in the shop. Before the reconstruction, the production capacity of the shop was 8.5 million tonnes of steel per year.

Information about NLMK Group

NLMK Group is a vertically integrated metallurgical company, the largest in Russia and one of the most efficient steel producers in the world.

NLMK Group's metal products are used in various industries, from construction and mechanical engineering to power equipment and offshore wind turbines.

NLMK's production assets located in Russia, Europe and the USA. The company's steel production capacity exceeds 17 million tonnes per year.

NLMK demonstrates high cost competitiveness among global manufacturers, the company's profitability is one of the highest in the industry. The company has investment grade credit ratings from S&P, Moody's, Fitch and Expert RA.

NLMK's common shares, which have a free-float of 20.7%, are traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange (ticker “NLMK” ), global depository shares - on the London Stock Exchange (ticker "NLMK: LI"). The share capital of the Company is divided into 5,993,227,240 ordinary shares with a par value of 1 Russian ruble. More information about NLMK's share capital can be found here.

For more information about NLMK Group, visit the website.

You can download photos and corporate videos of NLMK Group from the media bank at the link.

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