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JSC "Vostochny Port" modernizes the management of the aspiration system at a specialized coal terminal

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JSC "Vostochny Port" modernizes the management of the aspiration system at a specialized coal terminal

md. Wrangel settlement, Primorsky Territory

Vostochny Port JSC (an enterprise of the UMMC port facilities) is modernizing the aspiration control at the transfer stations of a specialized coal terminal. The goal of the project is to unite into a single system and automate the control of dust collecting installations, which are located in the nodal transfer stations, by means of a fiber-optic communication line (FOCL). The data system on the equipment operation will be displayed on the operator panel of the Central control station of the transshipment complex. In the course of the work, 5 kilometers of fiber-optic cable will be laid and associated equipment (nodal, communication) will be installed, which will ensure reliable uninterrupted operation of the control system. The total investment of the enterprise in this project will amount to about 7 million rubles.

The communication topology "FOCL ring" (a method of serial closed connection) is widely used at the specialized terminal of Vostochny Port JSC to control technological equipment in the process of cargo transshipment. The exchange of information through the optical ring is used, among other things, in the operation of covered conveyor lines, uninterruptible power supplies, as well as in communication systems with warehouse (stackers, reclaimers) and ship loading machines.

- As part of the modernization of the control system of dust collection already The design work has been completed, and we are currently awaiting the delivery of sets of equipment - fiber-optic cable, controllers, nodal communication equipment, switches, media converters, ”said Evgeny Borodey, Head of the Department of Automation of Control Systems for Technical Processes of Vostochny Port JSC. - Then the main stage of automation of the control system of aspiration plants will be carried out, which is planned for August-September, with full completion by the beginning of October.

According to the specialist, the implementation of the project will allow managing the aspiration process at transfer stations centrally, in coordination and in automatic mode. That is, when starting /stopping the conveyor lines, the corresponding dust collection units will be switched on /off synchronously. Currently, such works are carried out manually by operators of aspiration units. By implementing this project, the port workers plan to achieve both the elimination of unnecessary processing of equipment (conveyor lines, aspiration plants), and, conversely, its unproductive downtime. Thus, experts expect to speed up the process of loading coal products from warehouses into the holds of ships.

It should be noted that the key sections of the closed transportation of coal products - nodal transfer stations are structures completely isolated from the external environment and designed to redirect the movement of coal along closed conveyor lines from warehouses to ship loading machines. Only last year, Vostochny Port JSC installed 4 modern dust collection systems at the transfer stations. Taking into account the already functioning installations, the newly installed ones will carry out high-quality air purification inside all 15 transfer stations operating on the territory of a specialized coal terminal. Thanks to the use of the latest filtering elements in the new equipment, the specialized terminal increased the degree of air purification up to 98%.

A large-scale modernization of air purification equipment and automation of its control is carried out by Vostochny Port JSC as part of its own comprehensive environmental program, the main goal which is to minimize the impact of the production process on the environment. Currently, about 6 billion rubles have been invested in the program. Aspiration systems are an integral part of the complex of the best available technologies of Vostochny Port JSC, required for closed type coal transshipment and ensuring absolute adherence to the norms and requirements of the relevant international standards for controlling risk factors in production activities and environmental impact. REFERENCE Vostochny Port JSC (Wrangel microdistrict, Primorsky Territory) is the largest specialized terminal in Russia with high-tech coal transshipment. The stevedore enterprise provides export transshipment of coal from various Russian producers. The terminal's cargo turnover in 2020 amounted to 26.85 million tons of coal products.

Vostochny Port JSC at all stages of coal transshipment to sea transport uses a set of the best available technologies that minimize the impact of production activities on the environment. In particular, these are closed car dumpers, covered conveyor lines, transfer stations with aspiration systems, as well as ship loading machines equipped with a local and all-season coal flow irrigation system, which ensure hermetic loading of coal into the holds of ships.

Environmental safety of the enterprise is also aspirated

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