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Turning work: what is it and what is it for

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Turning work: what is it and what is it for

Metal processing is a promising area of ​​small industry. In the event of a breakdown of components or assemblies, the owner is not always profitable to contact the manufacturer to purchase expensive products. An alternative solution is to manufacture the broken part separately. turning work to order. Competent turning allows you to create a strong bushing, nut, bolt, shaft, coupling or other similar product.


To fulfill orders, the company uses special turning equipment equipped with a computer control system. For small jobs, classic lathes are used. If trimming, boring or drilling is required as part of the work, a turning-carousel machine is used. Additional equipment of the machine with computer control significantly increases the level of precision in metal processing.

Choosing in favor of turning in a small business is advisable for a number of reasons.

  1. The client can order a part with a complex geometric shape.
  2. The finished product is highly accurate.
  3. In production, the grade or alloy of metal is used that is required by the customer, taking into account the purpose and operating conditions of the products.
  4. Efficiency of the procedure. When performing work, the amount of waste is minimized. The result is additional savings in raw materials.
  5. The enterprise does not emit metal shavings. Instead, experts give it away for recycling.

Process specifics

To create a part from a drawing, the wizard takes into account a lot of parameters. The main ones are the speed and depth of cut, the value of the longitudinal feed. metal milling work is considered as such, provided the following conditions are met.

  1. The rotation of the fixed workpiece is carried out at the correct speed.
  2. The tool is stable, characterized by sufficient influence on the part.
  3. As much metal as possible is removed in one pass.
  4. Each machine is designed for industrial use and is in perfect working order.

Who should I contact?

The private turning market consists of dozens of ads on profile boards, in which the authors promise to create parts of any complexity. Here you need to understand that one promise is not enough. It is important to have a portfolio, advanced equipment and specially trained personnel who understand the physical, chemical and other properties of metal. This allows not only choosing the right alloy, but also setting the correct parameters for the equipment.

autopragma.com specialists handle this task. Computerized machines are used to carry out the work. Before starting work, a computer program is being developed, which is later loaded into the memory of the machine. Before that, the client can see a 3D rendering of the part and make adjustments if necessary.

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