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How to choose and where to buy good whiskey inexpensively?

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How to choose and where to buy good whiskey inexpensively?

Almost everyone knows about the existence of such an alcoholic drink as whiskey. During distillation, a particular type of grain wort is used (corn, barley, wheat or rye). Among the countries with record holders for the production of this alcohol, Scotland is especially distinguished. Ireland and America are on the second place, followed by Canada on the third line. But recently, Japan has begun to produce a special kind of alcoholic drink, which is also gaining more and more popularity.

Tips for choosing a whiskey

In order to make a choice of quality whiskey, you must adhere to certain rules, namely:

  • The type of alcohol - especially affects its prestige and price. There is a malt (entirely from barley), grain (from other cereals), as well as a blended alcoholic beverage (a mixture of malt and cereals). Malt whiskey is considered the best option.
  • Country of origin - is determined strictly by the label. Scotch or Whiskey refers to alcohol produced in Scotland. "Whiskey" refers to a drink from Ireland that has a mild taste and rich aroma. Among American drinks, Bourbon, made from corn, stands out. The drink from Canada has the characteristic name "RYE" and the whiskey from Japan is "Nikka".
  • Aging - affects the nobility of the drink and its unique properties. Blended whiskey is infused for about 12 years, while bourbon is about 2 years old. However, almost all manufacturers age their drinks for an average of 5 to 10 years.
  • Price - not in all cases expensive whiskeys will be the best, as often the cost contains recognition of that or another brand, as well as packaging. Therefore, it is best to choose alcohol with an average price, because it is he who will have a good taste and reasonable cost.
  • Taste - each particular drink has a different taste. In order to understand what you like best, it is worth taking a tasting.

Applying the knowledge gained in practice, you can buy whiskey good quality, which will not only pleasant to the taste, but also have an acceptable cost. So, for example, among good drinks, the Jameson brand is especially distinguished, it has a peculiar taste and beautiful packaging.

What are the most popular whiskey brands?

At the moment, there are several popular brands of alcoholic beverages:

  • AnCnoc is a single malt whiskey produced in accordance with traditional technology and old equipment. A large selection of alcohol is waiting for you, which has a unique taste palette and a long aging period;
  • Akashi - is made using the technology of sake drink, due to which the aging period is reduced. The result is a blended drink with good strength and delicacy.
  • Ballantine’s - this alcohol belongs to the scotch family, carries with it sophistication, rich taste and aroma. Also, this brand has firmly taken the second place among the most popular whiskeys.
  • Chivas Regal is a blended type of Scotch tape that is characterized by nobility, luxury, and unsurpassed taste ... This brand produces a large amount of alcohol every year, so everyone can appreciate the quality of the drink at its true worth.
  • Jameson is a famous whiskey from Ireland that is most sold all over the world. In Ukraine, about 80% of the entire market is occupied by this particular type of whiskey.

The presented list is far from complete and therefore, in order to buy whiskey in an online store, first of all, you should pay attention to the catalog and prices of alcoholic beverages.

How to make a bargain purchase of whiskey?

In the modern market, alcoholic beverages can be found in various online stores, as this format of trade is gaining more and more popularity. To one of the sought-after and famous internet magician

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