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Unusual new buildings in Kiev

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Unusual new buildings in Kiev

A dozen years ago, investors were delighted with the fact that the residential complex will have a parking space and a playground for children. Today, such "amenities" are a real must-have of every residential complex. At the same time, you will not surprise anyone with the presence of sports grounds, green areas for recreation, shopping malls and kindergartens. Unusual new buildings in Kiev compete with each other, offering the most comfortable living conditions.

What do original new buildings offer?

Underground parking, a rooftop terrace and a private conference room are just a few of what a residential complex can offer. Today, the level of comfort and safety for living is in the first place. In this regard, developers are in constant thought, what else can surprise those who want to buy an apartment. And as practice shows, they manage to surprise. More on this.

Comfort class residential complexes have everything you need for a comfortable and quiet life. In addition to the lobby with fireplaces, there are areas with alpine slides, rope parks for children, bookcrossing corners, etc. Intercoms with face recognition systems are installed at the entrance. Therefore, no one outsider will simply not be able to enter the territory of the residential complex.

Speaking of Premium class housing, one can note luxury and sophistication in every detail. Here we can note the presence of premises for storing fur products with special storage conditions, separate buildings for accommodating service personnel and guards. And you won't surprise anyone with your own cinema or swimming pool.

Interesting facts about unusual new buildings in Kiev

  • It is planned to open a museum of the future on the roof of one of the modern new buildings in Kiev Pechersky district.
  • The residential complex on Lukyanovka will be patrolled by drone.
  • It is planned to install a helipad on the roof of one of the residential complexes in the Pechersk district.
  • Construction of a new building with vertical landscaping.

As we can see, in the modern world everything possible is done to improve the quality of life, create coziness and comfort.

Architectural solutions in Kiev

Capital architecture has been formed over the centuries. What we see today is the result of many years of transformations in the capital. The city has always been rich in architectural monuments. Some of them were destroyed, some have survived to us in their original form. The capital of Ukraine has many attractions. The most popular of them are Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Golden Gate, Khreshchatyk Street and others.

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