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Predictions for cookies

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Predictions for cookies

Many restaurants and just cafes as a gift at the end of breakfast, lunch or dinner give their visitors special cookies, inside which are hidden individual predictions. A small tradition came from the east, firmly established not only in America but also in Europe. Predictions for cookies can vary in content. The main thing is that they lift the spirits of visitors.

What can be the predictions

The text on a piece of paper should be as short as possible, consisting of only a few words. You can't put a whole page out of a book into a cookie. And no one will read such a long message from cookies. Conciseness, in this case, is the key to success.

There are several areas on the basis of which individual wishes are written to their visitors. The most popular and popular topics are the following types:

1. Traditional Chinese wishes.
2. Individual predictions for the future.
3. Ordinary, cute, simple predictions.
4. Small text with deep meaning.
5. Philosophical quotes from famous people.

Important: as practice shows, the shorter and simpler the prediction, the easier it is perceived by visitors. But, it is necessary to consider specificity of the establishment in which cookies will be used. And it is definitely worth giving up meaningless and frankly negative phases. They are guaranteed to scare away visitors, even if they do not carry any useful information.

What else can be wishes in cookies?

For simple cafes, where the main source of income is coffee and tea drinks, and sweets are served as a dessert, humorous wishes will be received by visitors with great enthusiasm. If there is a large enough variety, visitors can start collecting them. And this in turn increases the flow of customers, making them permanent. In addition, the cookies can be placed and the text of the following nature:

- predictions are focused on children;
- only for men or women;
- compiled in alphabetical order;
- short rhyming line;
- useful advice for all occasions.

Another feature that can be used in practice is to use catchphrases from famous movies. People like to guess such moments, it puts them in a great mood. It is guaranteed that when they want to visit your institution again, they will be in anticipation of receiving another cookie with anticipation. The main thing is to follow two basic principles: there should be a lot of predictions, they should not be offensive or negative to visitors.

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