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Little-known MFIs providing credit to a card in Ukraine

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Little-known MFIs providing credit to a card in Ukraine

Surely, everyone who was looking for a loan on the Internet stumbled upon microfinance companies, the existence of which had not even heard of. Many try to bypass them, while others, on the contrary, try to cooperate only with them. Even the majority of aggregators that help in the selection of loan products in Ukraine single them out in a separate group, as, for example, here https://ikredit.in.ua/maloizvestnyye-mfo/. What is behind the mask of these organizations and why are they worth paying attention to?

Little-known MFIs - who they are

You shouldn't write all such companies as scammers. There are tons of licensed unknown MFIs that simply do not have the same advertising opportunities as the giants of the industry. Organizations try to use all their capital to help their clients and make a profit.

In addition, among such companies there are many newcomers to the microcredit market. They are not yet able to loudly declare themselves and simply put the primary task of successfully competing with their more famous colleagues.

We draw a conclusion: if the name of the company is not on everyone's lips - perhaps these are just untreated MFOs with which you can and should cooperate.

What are the advantages of working with similar companies

Competition has already been mentioned. Companies that have not yet gained great popularity need to fend off their opponents. To do this, they offer very tempting loan products.

In particular, unknown MFIs lend without refusal, even to clients with a dubious financial reputation. For example, those who:

  • has several current outstanding debts;
  • in the past made delays or frequent early repayments of loans;
  • have repeatedly received refusals from MFIs and banks.

“Young” microcredit organizations actively attract clients from different social groups: students, retirees, self-employed, etc. Moreover, they are often offered special loyalty programs and reduced interest rates.

More often, such companies practice free trial microcredits and, most importantly, allow them to be obtained 24/7 without refusal.

How to check an unknown company for honesty

All licensed companies undergo regular checks, which means they will not allow themselves to act outside the legal framework. To make sure that an MFO of Ukraine has a license, you can use two methods.

  1. Go to the website of the National Commission for Financial Services in the appropriate section
  2. Use the National Bank database

Both in one and in the second case, the verification is absolutely free and accurate. It is enough to enter the data of the MFO and the potential borrower will receive an answer whether there is such a company among the licensed organizations.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the fullness of the lender's website and the openness of information. There should be data on:

  • permitting documents for activities - scans of papers;
  • loan conditions - amount, rate, terms, penalties, etc .;
  • customer requirements.

It is also important that the site is protected - a lock in the address bar. This ensures data security.

How to avoid lengthy creditor checks

In order not to spend a lot of time checking each MFI you like, just refer to the aggregator site.

For example, Ikredit Fills its portal with offers only from official organizations, preventing fraudsters from entering catalogs.

The user will be able to access all little-known MFIs in 2 minutes. All that remains is to evaluate the conditions and choose the desired credit line. At the same time, the services of the aggregator are free, no registrations or personal data are required.

What you need to get a loan

To get a loan, a client will need a passport with registration in any region (except for CADLO, Crimea). As well as access to the Internet and a mobile number for communication with the lender. Money is credited to the card of any bank of Ukraine instantly and is available for use for any purpose.

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