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MMK-UGOL equips mines with rescue points

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LLC MMK-UGOL installed the first batch of protective chambers - a point for collective rescue of personnel and a point for switching to self-rescuers (personal protective equipment for the respiratory and visual organs from toxic substances and lack of oxygen during evacuation to a safe place). This new generation equipment, produced by the Kemerovo company PK-VISTEK, will allow miners to change self-rescuers in case of an emergency, and if an emergency arises, to spend up to three days underground. protective chambers, became "Chertinskaya-Koksovaya" - one of the oldest in Kuzbass. The point of switching to self-rescuers is designed to switch 50 miners into reserve self-rescuers and allows not only to change self-rescuers, but also to rest on the way to the emergency exit. Up to 5 people can be kept in this cell at the same time. If it is impossible to get to the surface on their own, the miners will be able to defend themselves before the arrival of rescuers in another cell - the point of collective rescue of personnel. The cameras will protect miners from both harmful gases generated by fires and explosions, and from exposure to high temperatures, and from the shock wave of repeated explosions. The life support system will allow twelve miners to spend up to three days underground. The chambers provide for the supply of breathable air without the use of personal protective equipment, and constant communication with the mine dispatcher. The new equipment is also distinguished by its reusability and mobility. “The purchased equipment is only the first batch,” stressed Vladimir Kharchenko, director of MMK-UGOL LLC. ... The Design Institute calculates how many such chambers should be in our mines and where they should be located. This equipment will allow us to protect our miners in the event of an accident. There cannot be much security, and we must do everything possible to ensure it. " Additional information: LLC MMK-UGOL is a part of the PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works Group and is a large Russian producer of coal and products its processing, in particular, coal concentrate “Zh”, one of the most demanded grades on the market. MMK-UGOL LLC includes 4 structural subdivisions: Kostromovskaya mine, Chertinskaya-Koksovaya mine, central processing plant, service and logistics department.
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