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Steel production will become even more environmentally friendly !.

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Reduce emissions of pollutants and make production even more environmentally friendly!

The company has been following the path of large-scale modernization of equipment and technologies for several years, taking into account increasing environmental requirements, systematically reducing the amount of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere and reducing the volume of waste generated at the enterprise.

The Belarusian Metallurgical Plant is implementing the project "Comprehensive reconstruction of the dust and gas collection unit (CCGT-3)" 3).

During the shutdown period of DSP-3, the reconstruction of the existing system for capturing and cleaning exhaust gases from the steel arc furnace No. 3 with the construction of a new dust and gas collection unit will be carried out. New optional baghouse and under-roof sunshades will be installed, as well as a & bsp; emission monitoring system. All this in combination will reduce the volume of emissions from steel-making furnace No. 3 & bsp; by 460.41 tons /year.

Note that the general designer of UE "Belpromproekt" received a positive conclusion of the environmental and construction expertise for the project. Firm "WaterGroupLtdOY" (Republic of Finland) supplied the technological equipment stipulated by the contract in full. Since the beginning of the implementation of the project "Comprehensive reconstruction of CCGT-3", the actual volume of investments as of 01.09.2021 amounted to USD 12.042 million.

The current modernization of CCGT-3 will improve the environmental friendliness of our production. The main reconstruction works will be carried out from October 2021 & bsp; to February 2022. At the same time, the plant will continue to operate, using two of the three steel-making furnaces.

For reference : in our country, a single state policy in the field of atmospheric air and ozone layer protection is carried out by the Ministry of Natural Resources and environmental protection. & bsp; Within the framework of this work, state-owned, industry-specific & bsp; and territorial programs in the field of atmospheric air protection.

Recall that in 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement was adopted, according to which Belarus pledged to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the & bsp; atmospheric air from & bsp; stationary and & bsp; mobile sources. The Paris Agreement entered into force in November 2016. Now 168 countries of the world are Parties to it.

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