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Why do you need overalls?


Quality workwear consists of several layers of different materials.

Why do you need overalls?

Most companies, enterprises and factories come to the conclusion that having special clothing simplifies the workflow. There is no special standard for all production areas without exception. But, SPB workwear gives real advantages over the most ordinary everyday clothes. Made from special materials, it is much better suited to the specific conditions faced by the individual worker every day.

When is workwear important?

A special uniform allows you to distinguish an employee from an ordinary person. In addition, the presence of bright elements distinguishes a person against the background of a monotonous space, preventing even rare accidents from occurring. The most demanded professions that require a uniform include:

  1. Heavy and hazardous chemical industry.
  2. Construction teams for the construction and subsequent installation of buildings.
  3. Greening the city and carrying out road works.
  4. Employees of housing and communal services.
  5. Electricians regularly working outdoors.

All of these professions are potentially associated with possible injury. Having a special suit not only protects them from physical hazards, but also makes people more visible. A man in uniform is perceived by those around him as a professional doing his job.

Technical criteria for suit materials

High-quality workwear consists of several layers of different materials. It is impossible to make one single, most versatile workwear suitable for doctors and builders. In each case, the requirements for the final product will be fundamentally different. It all depends on the individual conditions of daily use. In practice, the manufacturer of special clothing uses the following materials:

  • resistance to significant temperature changes;
  • repelling most of the dirt and dust;
  • abrasion resistance, ability to withstand long-term wear;
  • braided enough to keep out the wind;
  • releases excess moisture from perspiration;
  • the outer fabric is treated against the penetration of external moisture.

As already mentioned, depending on individual requirements, a clothing manufacturer chooses certain characteristics of fabrics. Provides clothing in bright or muted colors. Provides additional features as needed.

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