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How to organize a "hot line " at the enterprise?

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How to organize a "Hotline " at the enterprise? One of the best options would be to hire a call center for incoming calls - save time and money.

How to organize a "hot line " at the enterprise?

Work with incoming phone calls can be built in different ways. It can be a secretary who accepts calls, processes them and redirects them to certain specialists, his own department, which is engaged precisely in working on the phone with potential, existing clients, business partners. Or, you can increase the workload on specific employees, departments, when, in addition to their basic duties, employees also communicate with clients by phone. All of these options have several significant drawbacks - an increase in the load on existing specialists or an increase in staff (organization of new jobs, social payments, etc.), the need for education and training, the inability to process a large number of requests during promotions and advertising campaigns.

You can, of course, organize your own call center department, but it will be much more profitable to organize a "hot line" at an enterprise under an outsourcing agreement. In this case, a sufficient number of operators are connected to the project to process all incoming calls at any time of the day without delays in excess of the established limit (waiting time for a response on the line).

Organization of a "hot line" at the enterprise

When starting a new business, management often faces the question of how to organize a "hot line" with minimum costs for the department and maximum work efficiency. If we take into account outsourcing when ordering services in a professional contact center, then this task is easily solved. Indeed, with an outsourcing agreement, services are provided on the following conditions:

  • Completely transparent pricing . The tariff of the "Digital Technologies" contact center for the "Hot Line" service is from 9 rubles /min. depending on the volume of incoming calls per day (week, month). Customers are provided with individual tariff plans taking into account the real and possible load.
  • No costs for the maintenance of outsourcing specialists. There is no need to allocate a job, tax payments are reduced, since accounting outsourcing is related to other services, and is subject to a reduced rate. No need for social security payments.
  • Any mode of operation . Contact center operators can work in parallel with their own employees of the company (for example, when there is a heavy load - on pre-holidays, during promotions), only after working hours (at night, on holidays and weekends) or the call center for incoming calls can be hire when the customer requires it.

Processing of incoming calls may include various services - receiving calls and consultations, forwarding to specific specialists or departments of the company, consulting on certain issues, processing requests with entering data into the CRM system or other customer software.

Call center for incoming calls

The Digital Technologies company offers favorable prices for the call center for incoming calls both in the regions and throughout Russia and the CIS countries. In addition to the affordable cost of services, customers are offered the following benefits:

  • No restrictions on the load on operators. If the number of operators for the project is not enough, then additional contact center employees will be involved. As a result, all incoming calls will be processed with minimal waiting on the line if there is a queue during the promotional period.
  • "Transparent" cost of services . In the call center, the price for incoming calls is fixed, and is negotiated with the client in advance. The customer can control the budget - it is enough to leave a request to the personal manager, and detailed statistics will be provided. Details are also provided for reporting periods.
  • 24/7 operation . Contact center operators can work in any mode that is required for a specific project: in parallel during working hours to reduce the load on their own staff, on weekends, around the clock 24/7, etc.

You can clarify the cost and leave a request directly on the website of the Digital Technologies contact center.

Source: www.dtco.ru

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