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Businessman aiming to get results

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Shapran Sergey never stopped in his development.

Businessman aiming to get results

Modern realities of doing business in Ukraine show that large projects become successful extremely rarely. The lack of a competent management approach does not allow the business to develop steadily. An exception may be Shapran Sergey Valentinovich , brought up in a traditional military family and hardened by the difficult period of the formation of Ukraine's independence.

First successful experience

Unlike his peers, Sergei, after graduating from the Institute of Internal Affairs in Kiev, immediately began to gain experience in the legal direction. He didn't want to waste time on useless work experience in related fields. Thanks to my own ambitions, I learned the following useful lessons:

  • Junior specialist at the Imperator Law Firm.
  • Owner of his own investment law firm.
  • He was at the helm of the production and trading company Metalloplast.
  • The most successful project of LLC "Investments of the Third Millennium"

Shapran Sergey never stopped in his development. The constant desire to achieve more, allowed to gain the necessary experience to create a particularly large and successful manufacturing enterprise.

Brovary aluminum smelter

In fact, when the company changed its owner and fell into the hands of Sergei, it was a loss-making plant, which was easier to sell off than to restore it. Several years have passed, and in 2021, the plant has taken an international leading position. No other enterprise in the country can boast of such a successful take-off. The enterprise is far from ideal, and it has room for development. But, all this became possible only thanks to the competent leadership and diligence of the staff.

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