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Reliable and inexpensive brazed plate heat exchangers


The plant, which produces high quality heat exchangers, offers reliable and affordable products in Krasnodar. Purpose and features of brazed plate heat exchangers

Reliable and inexpensive brazed plate heat exchangers

Over the past few hundred years, the life of mankind has changed a lot. People began to build factories, develop industry and actively increase production rates. In order to successfully carry out complex technological processes, it was necessary to develop special devices that help the industrial sector to achieve maximum efficiency. It is precisely such devices that are modern heat exchange units. Companies engaged in the production of heat exchangers ( teploobmennik-russia.ru </a >), make products from high-quality and durable stainless steel. The devices serve for decades and perform a variety of tasks. To select a suitable model, just contact the manufacturer's representative. Experienced managers will help you choose the right equipment in accordance with the required purpose, as well as offer favorable conditions and discounts.

How does a soldered device work

The plates inside the unit have a characteristic corrugated surface. Manufacturers collect the plates in a package so that each subsequent one is rotated at a certain angle relative to the previous one.

As a result, flow channels are formed, which are filled with moving media. The assembled package of plates is further subjected to brazing with copper or nickel in a thermal vacuum furnace.

The apparatus inside the furnace under the influence of high temperature "baked ", due to which the complete tightness of the product is ensured. Due to the lack of seals, manufacturers achieve high operating pressures and temperatures.

Corrugated surfaces promote turbulence of flows, and high turbulence helps to achieve the effect of self-cleaning of the unit surfaces.


The entire area of ​​the plates is involved in the heat transfer process, therefore brazed plate devices differ not only in small size, but also at an affordable price.

Non-dismountable heat exchange equipment can be found today in a variety of installations where compact and at the same time durable devices are needed.

These units are in high demand in such large areas as:

  • Air conditioning, refrigeration systems;
  • Ventilation, heating equipment;
  • Food, textile industry.

The devices are used as evaporators, media coolers, as well as condensers and heaters. High-quality and durable brazed plate heat exchangers ( here ) are actively used in refrigeration and petrochemical industries.

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