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Purpose and application of electrodes OZL-6


Where are OZL-6 electrodes used and for what? What does the electrode marking mean? What are the characteristics of OZL-6 electrodes? Popular manufacturers.

Purpose and application of electrodes OZL-6

When working on the creation of steel metal structures at large industrial enterprises, professional welders usually use proven OZL-6 brand electrodes, which are distinguished by excellent performance characteristics. We also note the fact that these products are versatile and effective, and also characterized by ease of use, and therefore they are excellent for all kinds of household needs.

Due to its purpose and application, the rods of the OZL-6 electrodes are made from wire SV 07 X 25 H 13, which provides them with the specified characteristics. This wire is made of alloy steel, and therefore, when welding with these consumables, DC equipment is traditionally used, which is characterized by reverse polarity. This solution allows the formation of high quality welds in various positions of the structure, which is a huge advantage.

Marking, GOST and product classification

Welded electrodes of the OZL-6 brand are products of the domestic company "Spetselektrod", whose reputation is impeccable, and the products are in great demand. As for the marking, in this case the letters OZL indicate the ash type of coating of the product, and the number 6, respectively, indicates the purpose of the weld.

The electrodes under consideration are manufactured according to the GOST 1005275 regulation, which describes the requirements for electrodes with a special coating intended for manual electric arc welding of alloy steel grades with special characteristics.

The production line of the Russian company includes models of OZL-6 electrodes with indexes 2 /2.5 /3/4 and 5, which allows you to choose the optimal consumables for working with parts of various compositions and thicknesses.

What OZL-6 electrodes are used for

The consumables under consideration have specific features and characteristics, due to which they are actively used in the formation of welds in structures made of heat-resistant alloys, low-carbon steel or metal parts with a low percentage of alloying elements. In addition, they are effective when working with rolled and cast structural elements, oriented to operation in aggressive environments.

The characteristics of the connection created by means of OZL-6 are stored in a wide temperature range, up to +1000 degrees Celsius. In this context, it should be mentioned that the work with the consumables in question is different:

  • sustained arc burning;
  • minimal metal spatter;
  • excellent weld quality;
  • good slag separability.

We also note that the melting coefficient during welding is in the range of 10-13 g /A-h, the deposition rate reaches 1.7 kg /h, and the product consumption for each kilogram of surfacing is 1.6 kg.

The chemical composition of welding electrodes of this brand assumes the presence of:

  • carbon and manganese;
  • silicon and nickel;
  • chrome and sulfur.

Due to these components, the weld is strong, strong and durable. Its impact strength is 90 J /cm², elongation is 25 percent, and ultimate strength is 560 MPa.

Manufacturing companies

Currently, the production of welded electrodes OZL-6 is established at the Russian enterprise "SpetsElektrod", as well as in Ukraine at the facilities of the companies "Frunze-Electrod" and "Ecom-Plus".

If we talk about analogues of foreign manufacturers, then such consumables can be found in the catalogs of brands such as:

  • Austrian BÖHLER - product FOX CN23 /12-A;
  • North American OERLICON - VERTINOX309 and INOX25 /14 products;
  • American LINCOLN - Arosta and Limarosta models marked 309S;
  • German UTP - electrodes 6824 of various modifications;
  • Japanese KOBESTEEL - Models NC-39L and NCA-309;
  • Swedish ESAB - welding electrodes OK 67.62 and OK 67.60 .

Steel structure connections created with imported analogs OZL-6, in quality and reliability are identical. Therefore, the choice of the optimal model for each particular case depends solely on the preferences of the welder in relation to a particular brand.

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